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4 ways to streamline compliance using cloud technology

Ponder this strange fact: many of the same healthcare organizations that treat patients with the most cutting-edge technology still use administrative systems from one hundred years ago — paper forms stored away in filing cabinets. Ok, and maybe some spreadsheets and siloed databases, too.

The clinical side of healthcare is powered by constantly improving technological innovation (thankfully!). But for the administrative side of healthcare, using new technology isn’t always the standard, particularly when it comes to compliance.

A small investment of time and money for a cloud-based compliance tech solution pays back tenfold or more. Your office becomes more efficient, employees make fewer mistakes, and everyone can carve out extra time for patient-centered work. This is especially needed in our constantly changing regulatory environment, and with staffing shortages growing across the industry.

Here are four tips for using the cloud to simplify compliance, for both staff and administrators:

1. Use e-learning for better, faster training.

Healthcare organizations traditionally rely on in-person, classroom-style sessions for conducting compliance training. But this approach has several drawbacks. Firstly, it can be a headache to schedule training sessions during the workday. Organizations may have to pull staff from the busy floor to attend staggered sessions. Or they may even close down for the day so that everyone can attend a single class—impacting both patient care and revenue.

Secondly, that learning style just doesn’t work for everyone. It may be difficult for some staff to grasp or retain critical information given as part of a single, long presentation. And on top of that, in-person classes offer little control over consistency. If information is disseminated across multiple sessions or office locations, it’s hard to ensure everyone received the same message.

Finally, training administrators are required to document completion and track yearly renewal dates for all staff. Done manually, that becomes a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone task.

E-learning can solve all these challenges and more. With a cloud-based training solution, everything is easily done online:

  • Automatic course assignment: Administrators can easily assign a pre-loaded list of courses to new hires for onboarding, and to existing employees to satisfy yearly requirements.
  • Higher completion rates: Staff can work through assignments at their own pace, from anywhere at any time via the cloud. This makes for much better knowledge retention, and administrators can rest assured everyone has received the same, accurate information.
  • Save time with auto alerts and tracking: Administrators can easily monitor staff training progress. Automated alerts will send reminders when trainings are due for renewals, keeping everyone up to date with minimal manual effort.
  • Easy documentation for compliance: Get reports showing course completion status across the organization or for specific groups or locations. With just a few clicks, access a record of course completions for compliance purposes.

2. Access policies from the cloud to create a culture of compliance. 

Your organization’s policies are the backbone to maintain clinical standards and regulatory compliance. They should be frequently used documents, fresh on everyone’s mind.

Yet many organizations keep these vital resources on paper, stored away in a binder or cabinet where they’re not quickly or easily accessible. Not the best way to operate, wouldn’t you agree?

Cloud-based solutions make policies and other important documents easy to access, getting them in front of staff more often. The cloud serves as a single, easy-to-access repository where administrators can create store, manage, and update policies and procedures—as well as other important documents like:

Some solutions also let admins send documents to staff for digital signatures, making it easier than ever to ensure everyone is informed. With a few clicks or taps, employees have instant access to any information they might need to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

And as I’ve seen time and again, cloud-based systems make audits low-stress events. If you have an audit, quickly generate reports to show compliance.

3. Automate credentialing to maximize revenue (and reduce stress!)

Proper credentialing is important for compliance, but it’s also critical for an organization’s revenue cycle management. As you know, it’s a complex process, involving a mountain of document acquisitions, verifications, payer enrollment applications, and constantly looming deadlines. When done manually, it’s tedious and prone to human error. In other words, kind of a nightmare.

So what’s the better way do credentialing? Cloud-based automation, of course!

Cloud-based credentialing software is a reliable way to do credentialing, privileging, and enrollment without overburdening staff. It automates these tasks and ensures your organization doesn’t face revenue delays in the billing process.

Software solutions take over the heavy lifting by:

  • Automating exclusion checks
  • Verifying licenses
  • Digitizing privileging forms and approvals
  • Managing provider enrollment statuses
  • Alerting admins when documents, verifications, and privileging are missing or expiring soon

And the cherry on top? Administrators have immediate access to all provider information and documentation in one place. At a glance, they can see exactly what’s needed to get credentialing done fast and, most importantly, done right.

4. With everything under one roof, have a seamless workflow.

While moving compliance management to the cloud is a great start, you’ll get the biggest time and cost savings with an all-in-one solution.

A single cloud-based system has all the tools required for compliance, training, and credentialing. Having everything you need under one roof simplifies the complex world of compliance management.

Just log into a single portal, and all the resources you need are there at your fingertips.

A real-world compliance transformation. 

Since founding MedTrainer, I’ve seen countless examples of the power of cloud-based healthcare compliance management. One great example comes from the Sault Tribe Health Division—a tribal health center operating eight facilities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan whose mission is to provide high-quality, patient-centered healthcare to the Native American community.

In 2017, Sault Tribe Health Division set out to modernize its outdated methods and paper-based systems for compliance management and employee training. The organization selected a single, cloud-based solution to handle it all, and the transformation has proved to be a success.

Sault Tribe Health Division successfully boosted training compliance across its staff of 250 employees—from 60-70% to an impressive 99.98%. It still maintains that high percentage today, nearly five years later.

In addition, the organization uses the cloud to:

  • Streamline incident reporting for efficient and effective responses to workplace accidents and incidents
  • Digitize and update policies and procedures to ensure consistent, up-to date information is disseminated and readily available to all staff
  • Streamline the onboarding process by automatically assigning required trainings and documents
  • Keep staff informed during COVID-19 with timely training resources, cutting through the confusion in the early days of the pandemic

Like Sault Tribe Health Division, the cloud can make it easy for your healthcare organization save time, lower stress, and increase revenue. You’ll not only see immediate benefits but continue to see results as regulations change and the industry evolves year after year.

If you’re ready to take your compliance management into the cloud, let’s chat!