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Ambulatory surgery centers use all-in-one solution to digitize compliance


Compliance management is time-consuming—from provider credentialing and enrollment for surgeons and anesthesiologists to HR procedures, policy and procedure acceptance, incident reporting, and safety plans. Whether handling these issues manually or in separate systems, the tasks monopolize critical practice resources, and divert staff and provider attention away from patient care.


With ambulatory surgery centers facing evolving healthcare laws, strict guidelines regarding new employee training and ongoing annual education requirements, ASC administrators need a user-friendly online learning management system that can provide engaging educational courses for required employee education.


As the ASC marketplace has changed, surgeons and surgical groups have come together to form larger partnerships in search of better solutions and support. Five surgery centers in particular, all part of SurgCenter Development, sought a solution to digitize compliance and credentialing: Bear Creek Surgery in Keller, Texas; Indian Lake Surgery Center in Hendersonville, Tennessee; Advanced Surgery Center of Metairie, Louisiana; SurgCenter of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; and SurgCenter Northeast, LLC, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Introducing an all-in-one compliance management solution

Bear Creek Surgery Center was the first of the five ASCs to turn to the MedTrainer all-in-one compliance management suite to digitize compliance and credentialing. Focused on orthopedics, podiatry, pain management, and ear, nose and throat, Bear Creek administrators were drawn to the system’s custom LMS with powerful tools that streamline management processes and simplify compliance. The comprehensive yet flexible system allows individual surgery centers to customize and utilize the features beneficial to each practice.

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