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Case Study: How MedTrainer Helped CHC of Western Kentucky

Case Study: How MedTrainer Helped CHC of Western Kentucky

If you’ve spent any amount of time working in healthcare, you probably understand how labor-intensive it can be to regularly update the medical compliance certification of a health system’s entire staff. In most cases, the process takes a significant number of hours and a considerable quantity of human resources to gather the necessary staff members together, facilitate the training, and then obtain records of the credentials. These issues often get compounded as the medical network’s size grows, leading to a significant portion of the yearly budget being allocated for the task.

The problem of maintaining proper medical compliance certifications was a considerable concern for the Community Health Centers (CHC) of Western Kentucky, and that’s why they sought the help of MedTrainer.


What Is CHC of Western Kentucky?

CHC of Western Kentucky is a medical system that operates a medicare-qualified health center out of Greenville, Kentucky, with five other clinics in the surrounding area. In total, they employ 80 staff members dedicated to providing high-quality medical care to everyone in Muhlenberg, Logan, and Todd counties, regardless of the patient’s economic status.


Why Were They Looking for Solutions?

Due to the commitment to providing high-quality care to those typically excluded from major health systems, CHC of Western Kentucky doesn’t have many extra resources they can devote to ensuring regular compliance training while performing their essential duties. As a result of this, the health system’s small administrative staff would spend a significant amount of time trying to keep track of which employees had completed the necessary training to be in compliance with the various overlapping legal codes that govern healthcare in the United States

CHC of Western Kentucky wanted to find a way to minimize the human and financial cost involved with such an undertaking by finding a partner to help facilitate the necessary training.


How Did MedTrainer Help?

CHC of Western Kentucky chose to partner with MedTrainer for various reasons, but one of the major ones involved streamlining the training process through a singular platform. MedTrainer’s learning management system allowed the administrative staff at CHC of Western Kentucky to provide a centralized hub where employees can complete the necessary training, submit updated credentials, and administrators could keep track of incidents where regulations were violated. Having all this information readily available ended up cutting down the time that administrators needed to spend managing compliance training and devoting more resources to the CHC of Western Kentucky’s mission of providing quality care to anyone who needs it.

To find out more about how MedTrainer helped CHC of Western Kentucky, download the entire case study here. For more information about how online healthcare compliance training can help your health system, call the MedTrainer team today!