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change There are many stories that we here on the news about hackers getting our credit card information but what about hackers gaining access to your social security number, health records, and so much more. HIPAA was put into place to assist healthcare organizations on protecting one’s individual health information. How compliant is your office with HIPAA? Does your office understand the complexity of HIPAA and the new adaptation of the Omnibus Rule? Safety and Compliance training is what get offices into compliance. MedTrainer is a system will help your office get into compliance fast! MedTrainer offers an extensive HIPAA course that assures that all the employees understand the complexity of HIPAA and tests them on their knowledge. Our goal at MedTrainer is to keep compliance and training management simple, affordable, comprehensive and engaging.  We strive to save organizations money while keeping them compliant with federal, state and local regulations without over complicating the process. Take a look at what can happen with a breach of protected health information.