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OSHA understands that during the transition to GHS, things could get a little messy. That’s why, during the transition period, a company can be in compliance with old HCS, the new GHS system, or a combination of both. However, more importantly, at no time may an employer be out of compliance with both the old and the new.
We realize that all of this might seem challenging.  That’s why MedTrainer helps organizations comply with Hazardous Communication OSHA requirements in several ways:
  • We offer access to the healthcare’s largest library of updated SDSs, including SDSs in the GHS format.
  • We search the marketplace for the most recent SDSs, and upload approximately thousands of new or revised safety data sheets into our system each week. We also give users the ability to upload their own SDSs or request that we retrieve a needed SDS.
  • We flag safety data sheets in our system that are in the GHS format and make it easy to search, track and manage your SDSs across your organization.
  • We provide on-line training on Hazardous Communication and a variety of OSHA compliance related topics.
Wherever you are in your company’s transition toward GHS, the time to get started is now. Download our quick guide to Frequently Asked Questions from transitioning to MSDS to SDS here.