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What safety impression does your office make on your patients, employees and an OSHA inspector? Your office appearance should send the message of a well-organized, efficient, safety centered practice. The next time you walk in the front door of your office, pretend you are patient, a potential new employee or  an OSHA inspector.  Ask yourself  the following questions: Is the waiting area clean and organized? Are the silk plants full of dust bunnies? Are the real plants thriving or drooping? Is the carpet worn, frayed or dirty? safety-first How old are the magazines? Are the clinical areas cluttered with unused items? Are the counters free of clutter (so surface disinfection can easily occur?) Are sharps containers overfilled? Is the sterilization area clean and well organized? Perhaps you can see where this is going. There are some compliance basics that go along with the appearance and overall well-being of your physical location. Compliance standards apply to both employee safety and patient safety. Employee Safety standards are covered by OSHA standards. The following are some examples of safeguards which must be in place to ensure employees are provided a safe work environment.Training is essential in order for employees to understand safety measures in place in their work environment. Annual bloodborne pathogen training is required by law on an annual basis. Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be provided by employers at no cost to the employee. Employers must also provide laundering of reusable PPE. Employees should not take contaminated PPE home for cleaning. MedTrainer’s Courses go extensively into all these topics want more information about our courses visit