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How The Sault Tribe Health Division Embraced Digital Compliance

We love being able to spread the word about how MedTrainer helps organizations make compliance easy, but we think our customers do the best job.

If you’re looking for an example of digital compliance success, look no farther than The Sault Tribe Health Division. In 2017, when they were looking to move their compliance from paper-based filing to a cloud-based solution, they found MedTrainer: the only platform that brings your compliance, credentialing, and learning under one roof. After implementing MedTrainer’s solution into their processes, Sault Tribe’s training of employees increased from 60% to 99.98%, and they have been able to maintain that high percentage throughout the last five years.

MedTrainer’s software has allowed Sault Tribe to organize and streamline their training and tracking, increase efficient responses to workplace safety and incidents, and move policies to a digital platform to ensure all information is up to date and readily available to all employees. This means that when it comes to changes of any kind, the ease and accessibility of the platform make it so all policies can be updated in real-time, and then employees can be trained on any changes quickly.

Here are just a few things the Sault Tribe has loved most about moving to MedTrainer:

Quick Responses to COVID-19 and Policy Changes

Leveraging MedTrainer’s solution allowed the Sault Tribe to respond quickly to policy changes that came with a global pandemic. Sault Tribe has been able to update policy and procedure in the system as the landscape surrounding COVID-19 changes rapidly. As changes are made, they have also been able to easily edit training items to reflect those changes and send updated training to employees. This has ensured that all of their employees are up to date on all COVID-19 compliance changes.

This applies to general policy edits, as well, not just those related to the pandemic. Sault Tribe is now able to easily maintain up-to-date policies and procedures by allowing administrators to consistently monitor and edit a policy, and then send training and announcements out to employees as soon as the information is available.

Onboarding Made Easy

In addition to keeping current employees up to date, Sault Tribe has improved their onboarding process and new-hire training. Before switching over to MedTrainer, Joanne Umbrases, Sault Tribe’s Director of Operations, explained, “The onboarding of new employees had been a thorn in Sault Tribe’s side.” Now, Joanne builds onboarding processes specific to each division, department, and role. This means that all administrators have to do when a new employee is hired is assign them a training path. The software does the rest!

Joanne concluded, “To make any big change successful, you need to get everyone on board and comfortable with the new way of doing things. That’s been one of the huge advantages of MedTrainer—it’s very simple, very user-friendly, and very administrator-friendly. The solution was not only easy to adopt, but also continues to deliver results.”

For The Sault Tribe Health Division, using MedTrainer for their compliance training and tracking has delivered fantastic outcomes. As they dig deeper into the resources MedTrainer offers, they expect the solution to continue their success year after year.

To learn more about the Sault Tribe’s experience and the positive changes they’ve seen, check out the entire success story here.

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