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Building a capable team of healthcare professionals and administrators is crucial for a safe hospital environment, as without appropriate staffing, there can be a decline in patient care. Unfortunately, many hospitals have experienced staff shortages in their healthcare facility due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in understaffed and overworked hospitals at a time when they’re needed more than ever.

Fortunately, hospitals around the country have developed new strategies to overcome staffing shortages in their healthcare facilities. Here are four methods your team can consider implementing to solve staff shortages in your healthcare facility.

Reallocate Your Staff

One of the healthcare staffing challenges that can put a strain on your hospital is that there won’t be enough staff to care for patients by delivering their meals or performing other tasks. However, one way to solve this problem isn’t hiring new staff but reallocating your human resources to optimize your facility! Having employees who don’t handle clinical care assist with transporting patients or other services can help ease the stress of your personnel while ensuring your patients receive the care they need.

Another method of allocating your staff is offering leadership positions to your nurse practitioners. Their in-depth understanding of nursing needs and priorities will lead them to implement improvements in your facility that can make your entire hospital smoother and safer, benefiting everyone in the process!

Find Methods of Retaining Staff

Addressing staff shortages in a healthcare facility also means ensuring your current staff won’t leave you. Many nurses and healthcare professionals have left their positions due to the burnout caused by exhaustion, COVID’s new variations and frequent resurgences, and other troubling issues. Preventing your staff’s burnout can help you retain them, and there are several ways of doing so. Make workplace safety a priority and foster a healthy hospital culture to create a welcoming environment that your healthcare personnel feels more comfortable coming to work each day. 

In some instances, nurses will leave for other jobs for other healthcare facilities that will pay them more for their services. If you can offer them increased salaries and retention bonuses, then they’ll be more inclined to stay and continue working for your facility. Financial benefits have been proven to be one of the best solutions to staff shortages in a healthcare facility. Offering prospective employees sign-on bonuses will make your hospital more appealing to work at, as will offering student loan repayments and tuition assistance in exchange for their employment.

Call on Educators for Support

A healthcare educator’s knowledge can be used outside of the classroom too. Several healthcare facilities have partnered with nursing schools to overcome healthcare staffing challenges. Faculty members who are experienced in care can lead a group of their students together at your facility, which can lower the burden other staff members feel on a daily basis.

Address Conflicting Factors

Some healthcare workers may not be able to work for your facility due to economic or social factors; for example, their living space may be too far away for a reasonable commute. Should such problems prevent them from working at a hospital, your facility can step in and provide assistance. Helping them find and pay for a local home to reside or a means of transportation will demonstrate your care for the staff at your facility. Of course, this isn’t possible in all circumstances, but acknowledging an employee’s difficulties can make a huge difference in how they view their work.

Additionally, healthcare personnel could be prohibited from working due to family reasons, such as elderly relatives or young children they need to take care of. Supporting a nurse or doctor by offering them more flexible working hours or helping a family member find work opportunities elsewhere for the sake of their household salary will assist them greatly.

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