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Meet Mark Felts: Patient Advocate and MedTrainer’s Senior Vice President of Sales


According to the Journal of Patient Safety, it is estimated that more than 400,000 patients in the United States die every year due to medical error.

400,000 people die annually from mistakes.

Now the third leading cause of death in the country, medical errors are also one of the most preventable causes of death IF healthcare organizations implement proper tools and procedures to maintain compliance and ensure all staff are up-to-date in their education requirements.


MedTrainer’s new senior vice president of sales, Mark Felts, is a devoted supporter of patient advocacy and safety, and holds a strong commitment to helping healthcare practices deliver quality care – a vitally important task in today’s highly complex ecosystem of growing regulations, shrinking budgets, insurance payers and Big Pharma.


His passion spurred from his own harrowing experience with medical error during a 2013 hospital visit that should have been a routine procedure. An incorrect dose of pain medication caused complete respiratory failure and he died in front of his wife and youngest daughter.


Though hospital staff successfully resuscitated Mark, he became acutely aware of this little known, but immensely important problem in the healthcare industry. One that has much more devastating outcomes for thousands of patients across the country.


Driven by the first-hand knowledge that even the smallest error can have life-alerting consequences, Mark has dedicated his career to helping medical professionals reduce these instances and create a safer healthcare environment for patients and their families. He has spoken on Capitol Hill about patient advocacy and has been actively involved in representing the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in his home state of Texas.


Mark’s drive to enact positive change in the healthcare system led him to his new position at MedTrainer. Drawn to the company’s commitment to enabling quality care, Mark shares a common goal with the MedTrainer team of helping healthcare providers operate more efficiently and better focus on the patient experience through proper compliance management.


MedTrainer consolidates all the tools necessary to streamline compliance, credentialing and education into one centralized solution, bringing the most important components to the forefront. Equipped with the right solution, organizations can ensure their staff are trained in a quality manner, credentialed appropriately, and work within regulatory compliance – effectively building a culture that emphasizes safe practices and a high level of patient care.


“Everyone has a story like mine, whether it happened to you personally or to a friend or loved one. The most important aspect of healthcare is how it affects us as individuals, our friends and our families. It touches all of us very personally and emotionally. In the compliance field, there are regulations that may seem like a burden, but they are actually put in place to save lives. This is where MedTrainer can really make a difference – by helping healthcare providers automate and streamline pieces of the compliance puzzle to eliminate human error. Though we don’t take a scalpel and operate, I like to think we are helping patients and their families across the United States and around the globe.”


-Mark Felts, Medical Error Survivor and Senior Vice President of Sales for MedTrainer