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KRQE Recently reported that Mercedes Kern turned to UNM Hospital in New Mexico for an opportunity with the goal of becoming a nurse within the hospital.  After coming to the hospital Kern stated that she was discriminated against for her Spanish speaking and accent and often bullied by her co-workers.

According to her lawsuit Kern went to the HR director to report the discriminatory acts and the response was that she should begin looking for another job.  Kern further stated she was afraid and discouraged from coming to work because the harassment was so bad.

The lawsuit will continue and unravel over the year to come.In a digital and multicultural age, it is important that organizations train all layers of employees from top level management to front line employees on the dangers and consequences of discrimination in the workplace.

Deploying simple training series throughout an organization that deal with cultural diversity, discrimination and anti-bullying can create large impact and prevent incidents before they happen.  MedTrainer specializes in regulatory compliance and education which can be deployed digitally to employees on any device and in any location.  A strong onboarding training plan should be a focus for any organization to make sure employees are properly trained before starting work.  Please visit to see how MedTrainer can help create customized training curriculum for your staff to help prevent such discrimination in the workplace.

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