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The Advantages of Utilizing Healthcare Accreditation Software

Accreditation is a word you might be familiar with through business experience or from university. But did you know there’s such a thing as accreditation in healthcare? It’s a relatively recent development — until 2011, there was no official national accreditation process for public health programs in the United States. Now, several different regulatory boards require healthcare organizations that seek accreditation to meet specific standards of care, ensuring they’re meeting the needs of their communities.

These boards include, but are not limited to:

  • The Joint Commission
  • The AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities)
  • The AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care).

What Is Healthcare Accreditation Software?

Healthcare accreditation software is computer software that helps your healthcare facility get certified as accredited. It does this by providing programs, training, and recommendations for your facility that will help you meet the standards of accrediting agencies.

How Is Healthcare Accreditation Software Utilized?

Accreditation in healthcare is a complex process involving what can feel like mountains of paperwork. A simplistic way to imagine the usage of healthcare accreditation software is being handed a blank piece of paper versus being handed a checklist of things to do. With a blank piece of paper, you have to create the checklist yourself. When the checklist is made for you, you already know what you need to do. Healthcare accreditation software will provide you with that checkbox framework so that you can focus on actually checking off the boxes, and your healthcare organization can achieve accreditation.

Why Is It Important to Have Healthcare Accreditation Software?

The CDC and other qualified research organizations have found these to be just a few of the benefits of accreditation in healthcare:

  • Creating greater transparency and accountability within healthcare organizations
  • Increasing funding and capacity for high-quality patient care
  • Improving patient-provider relationships
  • Strengthening connections between healthcare and other related sectors like education and social services
  • Promoting a culture of workplace and patient safety

These benefits of accreditation alone are enough to prove it’s in a healthcare provider or facility’s best interest to seek healthcare accreditation. That’s where software comes in. Our software makes the accreditation process more modernized, streamlined, and affordable, allowing more organizations to become accredited. The trend of seeking accreditation becoming more achievable means more health care providers will attempt it, leading to a positive feedback loop where “keeping up with the Joneses” ends up helping everyone involved.

The Benefits of Using Healthcare Accreditation Software

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of being accredited, what are the benefits of software accreditation programs? They include, but are not limited to…

Improved Communication and Teamwork

The accreditation process is designed to identify gaps and weaknesses in your healthcare facility or organization. But if no one is kept in the loop about these gaps and weaknesses, or only a select few members of your staff understand what’s involved in the accreditation process, being accredited is just another checkmark on your website. If you’re going through all the hard work of achieving accreditation, you ought to make sure getting said accreditation improves the quality of your organization enough to justify your effort.

The best software programs for accreditation in healthcare, such as MedTrainer, involve transparent and comprehensive requirements laid out for your whole team to see. Knowing what’s involved in the accreditation process, you’re following means your team will know what to expect, enabling them to ask better questions, communicate among themselves more effectively, and become a stronger team.

Less Paperwork

Making photocopies here and there may not seem like much of a hassle until you end up with file cabinets full of documents, and there’s no end in sight when it comes to filling out forms. You will save space, time, and money by using cloud storage instead of making do with outdated technology such as fax machines. The accreditation process requires a lot of paperwork, but you don’t have to kill trees to keep checking off those boxes.

Easy Access to Files

Health accreditation software is also great for your organization because it’s easier for people to access necessary paperwork with cloud storage systems. Having all of your documents in a single physical location can be highly inconvenient (or even catastrophic in a crisis). Utilizing accreditation management software means you and your team have cloud access to relevant documents at all times, not just when the facility is open.

Software is also a huge lifesaver — sometimes literally — when it comes to disaster recovery planning in healthcare organizations. Your organization needs a plan for HIPAA-compliant record backup and storage in case of emergency. Keeping documents and information in our software’s encrypted cloud storage is a no-brainer compared to the complicated, sometimes impossible task of paper record preservation.

Up-To-Date Policy Access

Healthcare is one of the most challenging sectors to keep an “edge” or advantage because there’s so much research involved. Healthcare technology and techniques used today might be obsolete tomorrow. This same problem applies to accreditation programs, too. What your organization needs to meet accreditation standards grows and changes as often as the healthcare landscape does. Trying to keep up with every last policy update can make your head spin, so it’s much simpler to utilize software that informs you of new regulatory requirements.

Cutting-Edge Training

Because you can update software with just a few clicks, you can be confident you and your team are always getting your information from the most recent and cutting-edge accreditation programs. We offer training relevant to current healthcare priorities, such as “Critical Incident Stress Management for Healthcare Workers: Returning to Work After a Pandemic” and “Cybersecurity & HIPAA: Electronics and Cloud-Based Systems.” You can rest assured that your organization is among the select few that always know what is coming when it comes to both accreditation and modern healthcare standards.

Easy Review Process

When it comes time for your organization’s accreditation surveys and/or reviews, having a central hub where you can display documents and information or list programs your staff has completed ensures the review process will be seamless and quick. This means you can spend less time stressing about an upcoming review or rooting through old files looking for a document you swear you just saw last week.

Standardized Onboarding

In many healthcare organizations, onboarding training surrounding healthcare compliance is regulated to a select few employees. When these select few trainers change positions, take time off, or even retire, new staff members can be left in the lurch while the rest of your organization scrambles to find out what they need to know. Using software for healthcare compliance training not only eliminates the need for a designated trainer; it also provides a unified, comprehensive, and educational experience for new employees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Accreditation Software

Who Might Be Interested in Healthcare Accreditation Software?

If you manage or help manage a healthcare organization or facility in any capacity, are a provider starting a new practice or modernizing an existing one, or engage with healthcare in your community in a leadership role, YOU can benefit from our healthcare accreditation software!

You don’t have to call the shots at your facility to start a conversation. Are you an RN or hospital pharmacist? Bring the topic of accreditation up to your supervisor at your next meeting. Accreditation is a conversation that should be ongoing and repeated as an organization grows, and the larger a healthcare organization is, the more it can and will benefit from accreditation.

What Is Compliance Automation?

“Compliance automation” is a phrase you might see on our website or while you’re researching software for accreditation in healthcare. These two words cover some very complicated concepts. Essentially, compliance automation is what software companies such as MedTrainer are developing and investing in so that healthcare facilities can manage things like risk assessment while minimizing administrative work, letting you get back to providing patients with the care they need and deserve.

Why Choose MedTrainer?

We pride ourselves on being a complete software suite for your accreditation needs. With a few simple clicks, the suite can be tailored to the accrediting body whose criteria you’re trying to meet, meaning you know exactly what you need to achieve accreditation. We serve over 300,000 healthcare professionals across over 15,000 healthcare facilities and are highly reviewed by medical review organizations and customers alike. We also partner with RPM Billing to combine accreditation with compliance standards and simplify the headache of separate systems!

Do I Have to Pay for Training or Programs I Won’t Use?

MedTrainer isn’t one-size-fits-all software. We adapt to fit YOU! We make it easy to choose and customize your accreditation needs so that you only pay for accreditation programs that your organization will actually use.

Do I Need to Be Tech-Savvy or a Computer Whiz to Use MedTrainer?

You only need to know how to point and click to operate our software; no special skills are necessary. However, we’re still available for anything you might need. Have questions, run into issues, or can’t seem to figure something out? Our customer service-focused team makes it easy for you to get all of your questions answered!

Whether you’re just starting the accreditation process, are looking to update your accreditation, or are seeking software to make your healthcare compliance process simpler, MedTrainer has solutions for you. Contact us today and let us help you get started!