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Building a committed and motivated staff is a Better Outcome that most offices would like to achieve. Training staff is not an easy task to accomplish, with heavy patient loads and trying to keep on top of continuously changing regulations, it is almost impossible to keep on track with traditional classroom or binder training. The benefits of online training fit well within the healthcare industry as staff can navigate freely and control the pace at which they move through a course and online c

training development

courses can be updated quickly to keep on top of changing regulations.

The Better Outcome of saving not only time but money is another top priority for many offices. As worker’s compensation premiums and costs in general increase, many offices are looking for areas to cut expenses. Traditional training costs employers almost $1000 a year per employee. Online training costs clinics less than $100 a year per employee. Not only can you cut direct expenses with Online Training by 90%, but as reported by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration that every $1 that is spent on safety training employers save $4-6 in work-related accidents. This cuts costs of workers comps claims down significantly and allows offices delegate expenses elsewhere.
How MedTrainer Creates Better Outcomes
Measured Management
Measure success and manage users, locations, courses, transcriptions, and more with ease.
Efficiently and effectively train staff as individuals or as a group using MedTrainer’s learning platform. Create customized curriculums, courseware bundles, and have access to over 60 of our core courses for healthcare.
SDS Management
Manage SDS (Safety Data Sheets) by uploading your own or searching our database of millions of SDS sheets. Employers must ensure that the SDSs are readily accessible to employees for all hazardous chemicals in their workplace. This may be done in many ways. For example, employers may keep the SDSs in a binder or on computers as long as the employees have immediate access to the information
Award-Winning Service
Need help with something? We are by your side all the way! Contact us via email, chat, telephone, or even good old snail mail with support questions or inquiries. We are open from 8 AM to 6 PM local time regardless of where you are in the United States.
Save time and money with access to our resource section which features thousands of documents and resources from regulatory bodies such as CMS, HHS, OSHA, the CDC and more!
Document Management
Effectively create, edit, and manage safety plans, internal policies, and incident reports. Increase safety for better employee retention and performance outcomes
•The National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI), estimates the annual workers’ compensation benefits paid for all compensable injuries and illnesses in 2009 at $58 billion.
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