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The OIG has released its Work Plan for 2022 and they’re looking at anesthesia practices. Every year the OIG posts a Work Plan. Think of it like a set of intentions or New Year’s resolutions, but unlike most of us, they absolutely follow through.

The work plan this year focuses on some areas that may directly affect those in the anesthesia community. Yes, we’re talking about audits!

1. Spinal Pain Management

The OIG will be closely monitoring the billing of anesthesia services related to chronic pain epidural injections and facet joint interventions.

The plan states, “Facet joint injections are an interventional technique used to diagnose or treat back pain. Several previous reviews found significant billing errors in this area, including a prior OIG review. We will review whether payments made by Medicare for facet joint procedures billed by physicians complied.”

2. Critical Care

Last November, CMS issued its 2022 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule which changed how critical care cases are to be documented, submitted, and entered. Now the OIG is making sure you’re adhering to those rules. If you haven’t read them or aren’t sure if you’re complying, now is the time to get up to date.

3. Inadequate Diagnoses

The plan states, “Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services estimates that 9.5 percent of payments to Medicare Advantage organizations are improper, mainly due to unsupported diagnoses submitted by Medicare Advantage organizations.” This is the OIG telling you exactly what they’re going to be looking into. You’ll want to make sure your documentation is accurate.

4. Telehealth Services

Covid-19 catalyzed many changes in telehealth services. There was a desperate need for the expansion and use of these services, but hopefully, you kept up on all your paperwork during the difficult time. The OIG will be conducting a series of audits of Medicare Part B telehealth services.

Compliance is something you shouldn’t wait for an audit to think about. Learn more about how to stay on top of compliance for your organization including a compliance checklist in our Compliance Corner.

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