Apple Valley Medical Clinic

“As a manager, I love any admin feature that saves us valuable time. The reporting capabilities make compliance tracking easy and completely eliminated the headache of managing that on paper. And when it comes to bringing on new staff, the system allows us to set up our own course bundles that can be assigned with just one click. We’ve created an orientation bundle of ten courses, all ready to go whenever we hire a new team member. It’s really streamlined the onboarding process.”

Cathy Wasson
System Operations Manager and HIPAA Security Officer


Chota Community Health Services

“We are able to customize the incident reporting template to meet our needs specifically. This has allowed us to pull reports and see which incident types are occurring frequently, thereby allowing us to drill down into that incident to see if additional training or edits to our policies and procedures are needed. I use this report quarterly to report our incidents on our risk dashboard to the risk management team and our board of directors,”

Sonia Hardin
Chief Compliance Officer


La Connor Medical Center

“I really appreciate how easy it is to select the training courses for my staff and then assign them as needed. Some topics are applicable to my back office but not necessarily for my front office, so being able to make course assignments user-specific is a great value.”

Olivia Fisher
Practice Manager and Administrator, Island Internal


CHC of Western Kentucky

“My favorite feature is the course bundle packages because I’ve been able to make a non-clinical bundle and a clinical bundle for new hires. I can now assign a whole package to new employees with all the courses that they need to get started. Before MedTrainer, I would have to pull all those pieces together in paper format and worry about whether something was forgotten. Now I can click a button, know they have received the required onboarding education and it is done.”

Kelly Durall
Chief Operating Officer and Quality Improvement Director



“After years of me having to remember via spreadsheet, who is due for training and what training is required, MedTrainer’s automated email reminders help me stay up to date at all times and are amazing and user friendly.”

Angie Huckins
Quality Assurance Specialist


Urological Associates of Savannah, P.C.

“The fact that I can reach everyone in the system in a matter of seconds with important information. We will begin Open Enrollment in a few weeks and I’m already planning a rollout via MedTrainer document distribution to aid in getting the directions and forms to everyone quickly. We are a recognized Drug Free Workplace in GA & I get monthly newsletters to distribute—I used to simply post them on a bulletin board but now I send them out via MedTrainer, Policies & Procedures documents & everyone has them instantaneously and with 24/7 access”

Wendy P. Partain
HR/Credentialing Specialist


Hematology & Oncology Consultants, P.C

“My favorite feature is the safety data sheets that auto populate from my McKesson Specialty drug orders and my McKesson Med Surg supply orders.”

Carol Murtaugh, RN