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MedTrainer Helps Promeniq Streamline Training and Compliance Management


Promeniq is a restorative men’s healthcare practice that specializes in men’s sexual health. As an Executive Administrator, Jennifer Feliciano is responsible for efficiently onboarding new hires, submitting documentation on time, ensuring training completion, reducing turnover, and increasing company culture. With 16 locations and more than 100 employees, Promeniq is expanding rapidly, with plans to open 5-6 new practice locations before the end of the year 2023.

There’s definitely a lot of time saved in a bunch of different areas. Having the power to create our own training documents, policies, and protocols, and having them all housed in one area is in itself invaluable.

Jenn Feliciano

Executive Administrator, Promeniq

Their Success

saved a year

a month saved per Market Director

to access training reporting across 16 locations


Inconsistent processes, disorganized tracking and documentation, and disparate training were putting the organization at risk and slowing growth.


MedTrainer centralizes, standardizes, and automates training and policy management across the growing organization to reduce employee workload.


Promeniq is saving 21.5 weeks a year across the organization, which gives staff time to focus on on scaling the business through additional providers and locations.

We’re not trying to track down a bunch of different documents in our Google Drive. Everything is already in MedTrainer. Simply reviewing who is past due or sending reminders takes me all of 30 seconds.

Jenn Feliciano

Executive Administrator, Promeniq

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