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Annual Contractor Evaluation Report (ACER)

What does ACER stand for in healthcare compliance?
In the world of healthcare compliance, ACER stands for an Annual Contractor Evaluation Report. Having annual evaluations in healthcare is simply a part of the job. There are many different evaluations that occur, such as auditing. The Annual Contractor Evaluation Report happens once every year, whereas an audit could potentially happen once a month. 


What is an Annual Contractor Evaluation Report?
An Annual Contractor Evaluation Report is a documentation of both positive and negative reflections on any given contractual obligations or certain projects. It is a way to measure progress within a healthcare entity and organization and ways to see where growth could occur in regard to contractors. 

In Healthcare and the world of compliance, it is critical to keep up with standards and rules to make certain there is compliance within every aspect of the healthcare organization. Making sure that every contractor is consistent and compliant with rules and regulations to maintain a high standard via an ACER is an important step in healthcare compliance. 

Annual evaluations are needed in the world of compliance and will be executed by an independent team or a compliance officer and will remain objective. The evaluation needs to be based on factual information so it will remain unbiased and can be beneficial for the healthcare entity. 

An Annual Contractor Evaluation Report can measure and evaluate: 

    • Standards of performance 

    • Adherence to certain tasks and schedules 

    • Ethics and Integrity 

    • Workmanship 

    • Behavior among patient relationships

    • Controlling of costs 

The evaluations can be transferred into valuable data for the healthcare entity so they can pinpoint weak spots in compliance. Growth in certain areas or if one area needs development can be measured across the years. 

Managers and higher-ups can provide input and then provide feedback to a recently evaluated candidate. Facts are presented in a clear and concise manner to encourage improvement. If a contractor is not performing up to a healthcare entity’s standards, a discussion on whether or not to terminate the contract can be conducted. 

A high-performing annual contractor evaluation report provides a high amount of integrity and qualifications moving forward. A high-scoring ACER is one that is beneficial to a healthcare contractor as it is a verifiable reference of workmanship quality. A positive ACER is a way to build a positive reputation as it ensures the quality of service provided – which is beneficial to the contractor and the healthcare entity. 

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