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Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-Fellow (CCEP-F)

What does CCEP-F stand for in healthcare compliance?

A Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-Fellow, more commonly known by its acronym– CCEP-F, is exceptionally knowledgeable in the world of compliance, including the ins and outs of laws and by-laws. In a healthcare setting, a CCEP-F is a critical role as the rules and regulations are continuously changing and developing to better the care and safety of patients and workers in healthcare facilities. 


What is Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-Fellow 

A compliance and ethics professional-fellow is someone who aids a company in its legal or contractual obligations. Often viewed as the backbone to running a successful healthcare entity, CCEP-F’s are extremely valuable within their organization. CCEP-F’s are counselors for many different aspects of healthcare entities as they assist in legal advice. 

Specific certifications are required to maintain this position. A CCEP-F is above the general certification for healthcare compliance and requires more in-depth training. The position is considered advanced since it requires years of experience in basic healthcare compliance to build a sound foundation and acquire knowledge for growth.

A Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-Fellow is someone who has to maintain their certification and their knowledge of the legal obligations of healthcare and the risks a healthcare facility may be taking in their day-to-day business. A CCEP-F must maintain their personal knowledge and strong growth mindset to continue their personal development and stay aware and wise on healthcare regulations. Having someone who is an expert on healthcare compliance centralizes the information and streamlines the system of preventative measures regarding compliance. 

Contributing to a healthcare facility could involve creating a compliance and ethics program within the organization. 

Having an individual dedicated to the increasingly important subject that is healthcare compliance increases an organization’s credibility. Having a CCEP-F has been shown to improve the quality of care and safety of patients. A CCEP-F decreases the number of unethical processes and any illegal activity due to strict oversight. 

A CCEP-F is a role that should be filled by an individual with strong leadership skills. A CCEP-F position involves lengthy discussions and, at times, confrontation to force change. This position is always looking forward to increasing compliance and decreasing risks. Good corporate conduct is essential in every business but especially healthcare. Having a certified compliance and ethics professional-fellow on staff is a valuable asset to the healthcare facility. 

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