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Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-International (CCEP-I)

-What does CCEP-I stand for in healthcare compliance?
In the realm of healthcare compliance, CCEP-I stands for Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-International. The CCEP-I certification and profession is one that covers an international reach for ethics and compliance. The knowledge of laws and regulations beyond the borders of the country of occupation and potentially worldwide. This is ideal for someone who is already in international affairs and can work an out-of-country occupation as a healthcare compliance officer. 


– What is Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-International (CCEP-I)?
Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-International (CCEP-I) is a way to promote integrity in healthcare compliance around the world. CCEP-I focuses on the international compliance of a healthcare organization or entity. In a healthcare compliance officer’s career a CCEP-I is a great way to increase potential and find a speciality in healthcare compliance. 

Being certified in international compliance requires a healthcare compliance officer to be flexible and potentially work outside of the United States or be highly connected with international affiliates. 

A CCEP-I is a proactive effort in order to mitigate and lessen certain risks that a healthcare entity may have in the international world of compliance. It involves the integration of new procedures to reduce risk and organize any instances of misconduct of compliance. 

The qualification is to litigate between a healthcare entity and their compliance and be proactive in taking steps to make sure the healthcare organization is well within the compliance boundaries. The certification must be maintained as the person who acquires the certification needs to upkeep their knowledge of relevant legal obligations and the ever-changing regulations in healthcare – Have especially internationally. 

CCEP-I is a certification that is proactive in international healthcare to protect the integrity of the healthcare entity. Being proactive includes developing and integrating new programs that are effective in addressing international compliance. In addition to new programs a CCEP-I is one that helps to have the knowledge to monitor any out-of-order compliance situations and will put the healthcare entity on the right foot stepping forward. 

A certification in compliance and ethics professional international is one that lasts about two years and must be maintained through examinations that test the knowledge to make sure the test taker is up to speed on the criteria. An active certification means that a healthcare officer currently has the certification and has the relevant knowledge for international ethics and compliance. 

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