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Compliance Certification Board (CCB)

What does CCB stand for in healthcare compliance?

When talking about healthcare compliance, CCB refers to the Compliance Certification Board. 


What is the Compliance Certification Board (CCB)?

The Compliance Certification Board is a credentialing agency that was established in 1999 to test knowledge of ethics and compliance for occupations relating to the healthcare compliance industry and to certify individuals through compliance certification programs. The people that make up the Compliance Certification Board are compliance and ethics professionals. These compliance and ethics professionals are in charge of figuring out what tasks one must complete before and after being certified for a given specialty within the compliance industry. 


What does the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) do?

The Compliance Certification Board is responsible for granting accreditations to hard-working individuals who are pursuing positions in a special area of the healthcare compliance industry. Because the Compliance Certification Board determines what is required to earn and maintain a given certificate, this agency is very important for individuals who wish to become certified compliance and ethics professionals, certified compliance and ethics professional internationals, and certified compliance and ethics professional fellows. This CCB is also important for people who wish to obtain the Certified in Healthcare Compliance designation, the Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance designation, and the Certified in Healthcare Research Compliance designation. 

How does one earn a certificate or designation? There are a series of tasks one must complete. For example, if an individual desires to become a certified compliance and ethics professional, they must first spend a year doing full-time compliance-related work, complete 1500 hours of compliance-related tasks, or opt-out of the previous options by attending a CCB-accredited university and completing a certificate program there. Then, the individual must receive twenty counting education units (which must be approved by the Compliance Certification Board). After doing that, the person must submit an Examination Application. The next step is to follow the directions in the email regarding the certified compliance and ethics professional exam. The final step is simply to take (and pass) the exam. Every single one of those steps were outlined by the members of the Compliance Certification Board. It was these steps that the certified compliance and ethics professionals deemed necessary. That is the job of the Compliance Certification Board. 

The Compliance Certification Board is responsible for turning out specialists who will perform no less than satisfactorily in their chosen specialty. Through the challenges posed by the Compliance Certification Board, individuals develop a true understanding of everything that their profession entails. 

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