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Healthcare Compliance Training Accountability

What is the best way to ensure employees have access to compliance training courses?

The best way to ensure employees have access to compliance training courses is to use a learning management system. Learning management systems (LMS) allow an organization to organize compliance training courses, provide access to the courses, and monitor individual compliance training progress. If you use a learning management system, your healthcare organization will ensure that compliance training courses have been organized, assigned, and completed by any and all employees. 


Should there be a deadline for compliance training?

There most definitely should be a deadline for compliance training. Completing compliance training in a timely manner is essential – it is vital to stay up to date with rules, regulations, and laws regarding each healthcare occupation. Failing to stay current with rules, regulations, and laws can have serious consequences that could potentially harm associates of the healthcare organization or the organization as a whole. 


What is the best way to record/report on employee training statuses?

The best way to record or report on employee training statuses is to use a learning management system (LMS). As previously stated, learning management systems are great for organizations; they allow for the managing of compliance training courses, assigning of compliance training course material, and provide a record of compliance training progress for each employee. Learning management systems track the compliance training statuses of employees by using assessments (such as assignments, quizzes, or tests) or verifying content completion. 


What to consider when looking for an LMS?

When looking for a learning management system, it is essential to consider the following features:


    • Integration

    • Accessibility

    • Price

    • Security

    • Content creation

    • Management

    • Certification

    • Gamification

    • Reporting method

    • Learning tools

    • Social learning

    • Globalization

    • Interface

    • Customization

    • eCommerce


Take a look at the individual features of each learning management system. They’re not all the same. For example, features vary across different LMS systems. Some systems sell courses in blocks, and you end up paying for training you do not need. It’s important that you find the learning management system that suits your organization. 


Types of LMS systems

There are many types of learning management systems. Some types of learning management systems include the following:


    • Closed source

    • Cloud-based

    • Commercial

    • Corporate

    • Education

    • Free

    • Hosted

    • Installed

    • Open-source

    • Private cloud

    • Software as a service

    • Web-Based


Each type of learning management system has its characteristics. If you enjoy user-friendly platforms, a software as a service LMS could be a good option for your organization. If you like the idea of an inexpensive platform, a free LMS might be suitable for you. However, free LMSs are not always the best for customer support. These are the details you might want to consider when selecting a specific type of learning management system. Think about the pros and cons. Remember to choose the learning management system that best suits your team to guarantee that your organization reaches its fullest potential. 


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