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Healthcare Compliance Training Tips

Many factors make for successful healthcare compliance. Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries due to the volatile population that is serviced. Therefore, creating a culture of compliance is crucial for a healthcare entity so that healthcare providers can perform service with the utmost care in favor of the patient. Some tips can be helpful to create successful healthcare compliance.

Stay organized
Staying organized is a valuable skill for any number of jobs. In addition, keeping organization as a top priority will help create a culture of compliance within the healthcare entity. A learning management system (LMS) can become a Rolodex of skills for a healthcare organization by tracking training courses. 

Utilizing a course library is a valuable tool that can help to find the best healthcare compliance training possible. In addition, a course library can help with the easy browsing of course descriptions and healthcare specialties. 

Pre-built courses make it possible for the healthcare compliance team to focus on staff development and plan for better compliance rather than developing a system for staff. 

Custom courses can be beneficial because a healthcare compliance officer can develop specific requirements for staff to be in the best shape possible for their healthcare entity. 


Offer a clear road map for employees to follow
A clear road map for employees is a critical component for establishing expectations.wing the expectations that an employee must follow. Setting expectations creates an environment where an employee knows what criteria will be used during evaluations. A road map that is easy to access and follow makes it straightforward for healthcare employees to understand their job and how they can do their job to the best of their capability. 


Send training specific reminders to employees in the program
Sending training reminders encourages and motivates staff to continue the expectations and keep the training consistency within a healthcare entity. This way, staff know the required expectations for training and will help to keep their course requirements on time for years to come. 


Utilize custom reporting for track where employees sit within the program
Knowing where an employee sits within the program can help reward that staff member or find ways to encourage them with some feedback on how they can improve. Tracking progress for individual staff members can help keep compliance easy and simple. Healthcare compliance can be monitored, and if there is an incident, it will be easy to track where compliance might’ve gone wrong. Corrections can be made, and then progress can occur. 


Encourage employee engagement and feedback
Encouraging employee engagement and feedback is a great way to include positivity in the workplace. The staff knows where they stand on specific issues and receive encouragement to keep performing to an excellent level. In addition, positive and constructive criticism helps to establish motivation within the culture of the healthcare entity so that staff can continue to do their best to keep up with compliance. 

Hallmarks of an effective healthcare compliance training program include:

    • Know your audience and define the learning objectives that are meaningful and measurable. 

    • Training content and examples are accurate, brief, and engaging, as well as inclusive and non-biased. 

    • Design the learning experience with visual queues that is similar or applicable to the care setting.  

    • Align learning content with current compliance issues that are relevant to the learner’s organization.

    • Transition away from a dreaded annual training requirement to an ongoing learning experience that is flexible and reflects feedback from learners and the management team.  

    • Provide learners with a method where they can get more information on the topic presented or if they have a disagreement with the material presented.

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