Arizona Medical Marijuana Law

Arizona Medical Marijuana Law

Arizona Medical Marijuana Law

Marijuana State Laws and Employer Rights

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Employers today are presented with unique challenges when setting workplace policies regarding marijuana usage. Despite many attempts over the years to have marijuana removed from the Schedule I category, it remains on this list today. Regardless, many states have legalized the medical use of marijuana, and some have even legalized its recreational use. Because of this conflict between state and federal legislation regarding the use of marijuana, employers are often left with challenging situations regarding the establishment of workplace policies on marijuana use. This course provides an overview of marijuana policies in the workplace, federal and state laws regarding marijuana, and employer and employee rights.


Melissa Linn, RN 45 minValid for 24 monthsCreated 2018-07-18Updated 2020-11-26

Course Objectives

  • Describe differences between federal and state laws on marijuana use.
  • Identify differences between recreational and medical usage of marijuana.
  • Understand both employer and employee rights regarding marijuana usage.
  • Comprehend the protections afforded by anti-discrimination and accommodation laws.

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