Patient Rights

Patient Rights

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Many organizations that provide patient care have published Patient Rights that cover a variety of issues such as access to information, consent prior to medical procedures, confidentiality, the cost of coverage and potential conflicts of interest from the healthcare provider regarding their care. This course offers an in-depth review of new patient rights created by the Affordable Care Act and is provided to update staff on recent changes in the law. We will discuss treatment and care, alternative options, recovery time and the new legal protections against discriminatory rates.


Tedd Gottis, JD., Brian Williams, MBA 30 minValid for 12 monthsCreated 2018-07-19Updated 2020-05-17

Course Objectives

  • Review new legal protections stemming from the Affordable Care Act.
  • Review basic patient rights guaranteed by Federal Law.
  • Discuss a patient's right to refuse to participate in research.

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