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Train your staff on First Aid an Basic, Pediatric, and Advanced Life Support with expert-approved course material. All courses fully meet the mandated regulatory guidelines and adhere to the American Heart Association standards and requirements from joint Commission, Medicares, OSHA, and other accrediting bodies.


Reduce expenses by planning
your training’s ahead

Buy a bulk of credits and user them as needed. MedTrainer offers four online courses that issue 2-year certificates that are accepted nationwide.

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Carefully designed for emergency cardiovascular care, stroke, and other life-threatening cardiac emergencies. This course also touches upon BLS, with more advanced skills such as Electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythm interpretation, airway management, and effective high-performance team skills for Basic Liffe Support and ACLS.

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This course meets the OSHA, AHA, and EEC/ILCOR guidelines for the general workplace where CPR is not required. The CPR and First Aid Certification is great for your healthcare providers if they are currently certified with Red Cross, AHA, National Safety Council, ASHI, or Medic First Aid allowing them to receive a new two–year First Aid Advanced certificate.

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The PALS training is designed for healthcare providers that directly participate in the tending of respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies patients. Includes 4 CEU/CME credits.

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This training follows the latest American Heart Association and ECC/ILCOR guidelines for staff to be prepared for an emergency in any setting. Includes adult, child, and infant CPR as well as a printable and mailed wallet card certificate.

The steps for achieving CPR certification.

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1. Courses

Are designed by CPR professionals and meet the
standards set forth by the ECC/ILCOR and the American
Heart Association.

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2. Progress

Tracking provides insights into each student’s
development. Notify staff members every time a
course has been assigned and scheduled for

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3. Receive

A nationally recognized 2-year certificate.
A permanent, physical card will be mailed within
2 to 4 weeks after the successful completion

of the courses.


How does the CPR certification work?

Raquel LaFleurStephanie TillmanWendy P. PartainSheri KruegerRivera, LakeshaPaul Sygall
"No one has given me any complaints about the BLS course. It is nice that they can stop and restart when necessary. Really is a benefit that they an continue patient care without having to leave the office for a few hours to attend a class off campus."
Raquel LaFleur
Administrative Assistant ( Arbor Family Health )
"BLS training has been so much easier for us in scheduling and having staff complete.We are very satisfied on this service and appreciate the price match that you are able to provide for our group."
Stephanie Tillman
Executive Assistant ( Southeast Lung Associates )
"The BLS renewal courses have been a real lifesaver! Instead of having to schedule classes and block out office time for our providers to take a 3 - hour class to renew their certifications, the can now take the online course at their convenience. I love the ability to assign them myself and give them a “due date” for completion. When they complete the course, the new temporary certification card is attached to their course certificate and the permanent card is automatically mailed to the address on file in MedTrainer. What else can I say? It is a ‘win-win’!."
Wendy P. Partain
Human Resources/Credentialing Specialist ( Urological Associates of Savannah, P.C )
"The BLS and ACLS courses are very convenient for our staff since they are done right on line through MedTrainer. Much nicer than-having morning or evening classes to try and get our staff to attend. It is a nice option and easy to use product"
Sheri Krueger
Director of Cardiovascular Services ( Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin )
" Unfortunately, the person who was assigned to viewing and assigning the courses to providers is currently furloughed due to this lovely pandemic. She would be the best person to provide a testimonial to be completely honest.I will say we are using the program as a remedy for providers who score lower than our expectations on Press Ganey scores in specific areas. "
Rivera, Lakesha
"We found the program satisfactory to fit our needs for re-certification. As with all of these programs, it is time consuming, often redundant, and unfortunately, it lacks the "practical" simulation of a "mega-code". In spite of those shortcomings, the program, itself, was clear, concise, well planned and executed, and appreciated by our group. The information was practical, up to date and provided in an unbiased manner. There were no "gimmicks" or "short cuts", per se, and no extraneous advertisements and/or distractions that interfered with the learning process."
Paul Sygall
Greenwich Anesthesiology Associates