Document Management Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

Document Management Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

Aside from the negative effects on the environment, the over-use of paper has a major impact on healthcare facilities and their operations. So many ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals manage regulatory compliance in the “dark ages” with important data kept in file cabinets, safety information binders that take up space, posted flyers that are not always noticed, and inter-office communication that gets lost in the mix.  

Tracking deadlines, renewals, recertification dates, and inventory was a headache for one human resources manager, Wendy, from Urological Associates of Savannah (UAS). The practice was established in the mid-40s and maintained an established reputation for the highest standards of excellence and patient care in their area. With advancing medical equipment, changing healthcare laws and regulations, and increased clientele, Wendy’s focus was shifting away from quality service and toward keeping up with the flooding paperwork demands.  

What Wendy needed was a simple solution for meeting deadlines, managing records and data, and organizing effective communication throughout the practice.

Document Management Solutions for Regulatory Compliance
Record-Keeping and Reporting 

The first need that Wendy had was with record-keeping and reporting. With the ability to upload staff records such as health information (flu, tuberculosis, annual physical, etc.) attendance to staff meetings and fire drills, ACLS/BLS certification, and employee awards, Wendy saved hours of valuable time and was happy to have that information on hand during performance review time. She also found it convenient to file incident reports online with ensured employee privacy. Having the ability to direct the files to the appropriate managers and supervisors was a welcome relief from interoffice mail.  

Document Distribution 

The ability to reach every employee with the same information in a matter of seconds proved to be a major advantage for UAS. When it came time for open enrollment at their facility, Wendy could quickly send directions and forms through the easy-to-use database and attain e-signatures when needed. She could easily access policies and procedures documents and safety plans and completely customize them in content and branding.  

Record-Keeping and Reporting Medtrainer

Wendy saved hours of time in organizing staff training records and licensure/certification information, which are things she used to manage in a tedious Excel spreadsheet. Outlook reminders for impending deadlines became a thing of the past. After using a simplified system, she could not imagine reinstating their old ways of regulatory compliance management.  

The ability to store documents, automate reminders, and store contacts are invaluable features to any healthcare facility administrator. The benefits of organization and expedited processes have saved UAS and countless other healthcare facilities valuable time and money so they can shift their focus from compliance management to outstanding service.  

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