MedTrainer and Community Health Centers make Perfect Sense.

The pandemic has created significant hardships and created a strain on Community Health Centers. Let’s work together to remove the barriers to success.

What our customers are saying

Our favorite features are Policy and Document Management and annual trainings and competencies. One platform for training and policies has saved us both time and money.

Ginny Director of Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

We can do training for all staff without spending money for traveling.

Vanessa Human Resources Specialist

I can run reports on staff that have not completed assigned education components, MedTrainer has saved me from having to manually track patient education!

Sharon Chief Compliance Officer

MedTrainer has more than just the essentials.

Utilizing MedTrainer’s learning system makes it easy to assign,
manage and complete training from any location at any time.

Incident Reporting

Easily customize and create digital incident reports to automatically push through your escalation process.


Streamlined payer enrollments with clear and easy reporting, whether you need self managed or fully managed.

Safety Plans

mt | compliance offers ready-to-use templates to create plans, perform an infection control gap analysis, and COVID-19 injury and illness prevention plans.

Assign any type of plan for immediate access and document that all staff and physicians have received the plans through digital acknowledgement or electronic signature.

Equipment Management

Track your equipment and repairs in one location.


MedTrainer has developed an innovative collaboration to access the Apexus 340B Drug Discount Program courses through MedTrainer. You can assign, manage, and monitor staff progress to ensure that key stakeholders have all the latest information.

Safety Data Sheets

Select from our library of SDS’s, or easily add a last-minute addition, all housed in our easy-to-access cloud-based system.


Everything Under One Roof

Talk to our team to build the package that meets your exact needs