GSA / Government

MedTrainer is proud to facilitate government agencies
of all sizes for healthcare compliance needs.

GSA / Government

Solutions for government
agencies of all sizes.

With ever changing regulation and regulatory updates, rely
on MedTrainer to deliver a customized solution to fit needs
for all areas of compliance including:

  • World-Class Training
  • Customized Content Management
  • Policy Management
  • SDS Management
  • Safety Plan Management
  • Credential Management
  • Much More
GSA / Government

How can MedTrainer help GSA / Government with

MedTrainer has helped many federal and state funded agencies organize their compliance, develop custom solutions and deploy digital initiatives across learning, compliance, credentialing and other custom needs.

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MedTrainer’s team of software engineers and safety compliance experts have developed a proprietary way of managing hard to understand safety plans. With our easy to use system users can create, manage and update reports with a few simple steps. Safety plans include such plans as Injury Illness Prevention and Fire Safety and Prevention. Please visit our Courses page for a full list of plans.

Keeping our clients up to date with our unique content library of OSHA training courses is what we do best! Our team of safety and compliance experts constantly update our content to ensure our clients have access to the best information possible when it comes to training. With our proprietary delivery system we make learning simple, easy and fun while covering a wide variety of mandatory training courses such as Blood Borne Pathogens, HIPAA Training, Hazard Communication and many more. For a full list of courses please visit our Courses page.

Search our database of SDS (safety data sheets) and print or store these sheets electronically for easy access. It is an OSHA requirement that you provide easy access to Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals used within your organization. We make this easy by putting these chemicals SDS resources all in one place.

As part of the MedTrainer ongoing training and monitoring system we offer all clients a certificate validation system. The system allows for anyone in receipt of a user’s certificate of completion for a specific training to be validated from our website. This system gives regulators and inspectors the ability to independently validate training records with confidence.

MedTrainer safety and compliance training courses are continuously being added to the list of approved training curriculums for accrediting institutions allowing for many advanced degree individuals to have the ability to be given continuing education units as part of their mandatory regulatory training. Why send employees to costly seminars for continuing education when you can have them accomplish the same goals online with our compliance training videos.

Our customizable incident reporting tools allow for administrators to take control of injuries and other incidents by completing the required information with our simple to do reporting system. Not only does the MedTrainer system allow for administrators and human resource personal to create incident reports for injuries, slips and falls, needle sticks, and sexual harassment but it also allows for the storage and management of such reports in case they are ever needed.

MedTrainer can help administrations maintain an effective compliance plan around the organizations
specific needs. Many practices take advantage of MedTrainer’s Autopilot feature allowing for an even
higher level of compliance monitoring by placing some of the management responsibility upon
healthcare compliance specialties who are employed at MedTrainer.

To learn more about MedTrainer and advanced management programs like Autopilot™ and QuickCred™ be sure to schedule a live 1
on 1 product demonstration today.