MedTrainer and Indian Health make Perfect Sense.

Utilizing MedTrainer’s learning system makes it easy to assign,
manage and complete training from any location at any time.
Administrators can monitor team activities through a simple-to-use dashboard.


Spend less time on regulatory hurdles with all of the compliance tools you need, all on one platform.

Policy and Procedures

Maintain digital documents and signatures for all of your policies and procedures.

Incident Reporting

Easily customize and create digital incident reports to automatically push through your escalation process.

Equipment Management

Equipment requires preventive maintenance, employee training, and record-keeping. Our turn-key solution provides everything needed including easy access to manufacturer instructions for use and package inserts.

OIG/SAM Exclusions

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) notes that it is best practice to avoid significant civil-monetary penalties by checking for provider exclusions on a monthly basis. Why spend precious time looking up individuals in the OIG/SAM database when you can automate?

What our customers are saying

“MedTrainer solved multiple problems for us: Training compliance, Policy compliance, Incident Reporting, On-Boarding. As the Operations Manager everything is in one place and easy to navigate and maintain compliance within the ranks.”

Joanne Operations Manager

“MedTrainer cut costs for mandatory training, simple and easy to use.”

LaTosha Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

“The reports we are able to run on MedTrainer are so fast and time saving. They tell us exactly what we need to know in a matter of seconds. The courses that are available on MedTrainer are also saving us money and time because we aren’t having to find other sources for these courses.”

Samantha Account Executive

MedTrainer has more than just the essentials.

Utilizing MedTrainer’s learning system makes it easy to assign,
manage and complete training from any location at any time.

Safety Data Sheet Management

Select from our library of SDS’s, or easily add a last-minute addition, all housed in our easy-to-access cloud-based system.

Custom Courseware

mt | learning offers complimentary conversion of your presentation to eLearning courses exclusively for your account. Professional voiceover, user engagement, simulation and custom solutions are available.

Safety Plans

Lose the notebooks full of paper. Load your safety plans in one easily accessible platform.

Equipment Management

Track your equipment and repairs in one location.

Contract Management

Load all of your contracts and be notified in advance of when they are coming due.

OIG/ SAM Exclusion Checks

MedTrainer’s exclusion monitoring tool lets you easily schedule exclusion checks for employees, providers, and vendors at both the state and federal level.


Everything Under One Roof

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