MedTrainer and Urgent Care Centers make Perfect Sense.

The lessons learned in the past year are accelerating demand for urgent care. MedTrainer can help your team stay focused on delivering excellent patient care through our award-winning software. Let us show you how MedTrainer can save you time and money.

What our customers are saying

Training was hard to track as we used two to three sources and we would pay for individual courses or create our own. Now we just assign and can monitor. We got 90% of our staff of 60 completed in less than one month! There’s a single location for documents, we’re able to look up policies by word search!
Training in one place!!
We love that MedTrainer sends documents to verify/sign they have reviewed. It’s one place for OSHA forms for 5 clinics!

Kim Director of Education and Clinical Development

“We were able to have all of our compliance training centrally located within one online database. I love being able to build course bundles so all I have to do is assign a bundle for new employees to complete. I also love that the courses automatically are sent to send out reminders when they need to be renewed.”

Monica HR & Payroll

MedTrainer has more than just the essentials.

Utilizing MedTrainer’s learning system makes it easy to assign,
manage and complete training from any location at any time.


Everything Under One Roof

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