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Make file management easy throughout your organization with MedTrainer.

Your organization at your fingertips

Whether you are a physician’s office or a Community Health Center, you will have all the tools you need to simplify operations using our intuitive software.

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Your organization simplified

1. Manage

files, policies, contracts, and safety plans.

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2. Assign

documents to employees to take action.

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3. Report

on activities’ progress and files created or uploaded in the system.

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Contracts, Policies,
SDS… you name it

Get rid of manual, time-wasting procedures from your daily workflow! With a broad set of tools that includes everything from policy signing to contract management, seamlessly guide your staff towards compliance.


Assign policies and documents to your team. Track their activities and pending tasks.


Never worry about misplacing a contract or missing an expiration date again.


Get updated reports to track employee activity on courses, contracts, policies, and more.


Set up locations, vendors, supervisors, and employee positions.

Go paperless.

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Documents And Policies

Distribute documents and policies that need to be read, accepted, and signed by your team without ever leaving the platform. Manage file access and privileges, track edits, and get clear insights into the actions taken upon each document.

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Contract Management

Keep track of expiring and renewal dates, restrict permissions to organization members, run Excel reports, and automatically assign contracts for review, approval, and execution. Never miss a date!

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Generate Reports

A wide range of reports on your staff’s activity and information in the system. Excel or pdf reports on the status of activities, like review and acceptance of policies or contracts, and documents contained in your SDS and Transcripts Binders

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Organization Management

Manage your company’s positions, locations, and departments, as well as your staff’s administrator privileges and document accesses. Start your new hires’ onboarding process before their day one and assign courses, policies, and document bundles per department or position.

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