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MedTrainer + Paylocity Proudly Partnered Together

Paylocity and its customer base have found in MedTrainer the perfect solution for Compliance, Training, Credentialing and Accreditation. All built in the simplest to use, cloud-based platform.

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Paylocity and MedTrainer are working together to bring Paylocity clients an exclusive and affordable access to the MedTrainer cloud-based platform. MedTrainer bundles regulatory training and compliance management tools to take the headache out of managing compliance for your office.

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Documents and Policies

Upload policies, procedures, or any important documents that employees need to sign, accept, or just have 24/7 access to

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Provider Credentialing

QuickCred can handle all of your credentialing needs with a simple tool that allows you to input provider information one time.

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SDS Management

Access over one million Safety Data Sheets for your organization, inside of MedTrainer’s digital binder, with 24/7 access for all employees.

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Contract Management

Upload all contracts for review, approval, and execution. Receive automatic notifications of expiration and renewal dates.

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OIG/SAM Exclusions

Schedule automatic exclusion checks for staff, providers, vendors, and more through the OIG and SAM exclusion databases

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Use our pre-formatted templates to create OSHA-required safety plans in minutes, just fill in the blanks and hit “submit”.

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Incident Reporting

Employees can create their own incident reports, but strict limitations force them to “escalate” the incident report to higher level users

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Equipment Lifecycle Mgt.

Optimize lifecycles of assets, track and manage preventative maintenance, and provides insight on equipment.

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World-Class Traning

Unlimited access to the full course library with topics ranging from OSHA, HIPAA, CMS, and more. Staff can train individually, or as a group.

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MedTrainer follows recommended guidelines for ACLS, PALS, Healthcare Provider BLS, and Workplace CPR & First Aid training.

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Customizable Notifications

Receive notifications of your employees’ activities from courses they are taking to policies signing so they never miss a date.

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Activity Reporting

Get reports from all aspects of your organization operation withing our system with a simple click. From courses completion to finished tasks.

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