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Confident Credentialing

MedTrainer’s award-winning credentialing software will have you looking like a Credentialing Expert and doing half the work.

The task of credentialing can sometimes feel like opening Pandora’s box. You open up enrollments and out pops license verifications, exclusions, privileging, and background checks. There are so many pieces to credentialing; making it a time-intensive process and a thorn in your side.
What’s worse is it takes away from other essential work functions and slows down internal processes. Not to mention the stress of making sure everything is complete and correct.

When it comes to credentialing, there is literally money on the line.
Wouldn’t it be magical to have everything you need in one place?

MedTrainer’s automated credentialing
software for healthcare has that and more.

Why MedTrainer
You may be new to credentialing or a seasoned professional looking to work smarter. Either way, chances are you’ve seen some of the medical credentialing software companies out there. So what makes MedTrainer different?

Fully Managed

As credentialing experts, we know this process can be overwhelming whether credentialing is only part of your job or you’re managing credentialing for thousands of providers across multiple locations. Sometimes there really aren’t enough hours in the day. With MedTrainer’s Fully Managed Credentialing service, you’ll be paired with a dedicated customer service manager so you have peace of mind that we’re meeting all of your credentialing goals. We’ll take care of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s so you can focus on what matters most, patient care.

Self Managed

Our system puts the cred in credentialing. We became credentialing experts so you don’t have to. Our Self Managed Credentialing platform sets you up for success with all the tools you need to professionally manage your medical credentialing process. With MedTrainer as your secret weapon, you work smarter, not harder, and make your credentialing struggles a thing of the past.

Onboarding Success Team
To start, MedTrainer isn’t just a piece of credentialing software you plug in and then have to spend hours figuring out. Our whole reason for being is to make complicated tasks easier and faster. Our onboarding is no different. We’ll pair you with a member of our onboarding success team to make sure your onboarding process is smooth and answers all your questions.

In the Cloud, Off Your Plate
Credentialing involves many different types of documents from different sources. Even if you’re primarily using web-based services, you probably still have a long list of logins and websites you need to access to get everything. Not to mention the endless spreadsheets. With MedTrainer’s all-in-one platform, everything is in one place and you can access it from anywhere through a browser.

Enrollment Tracking
Monitoring enrollments can make you feel like you need 6 monitors and a self-filling coffee mug just to keep up. While we pride ourselves on being credentialing experts, we’re also a tech company. With that comes a tracking dashboard that allows you to see where you are in the process of enrollments, verifications, exclusions, and more at a glance. In one view, see what documents and verifications are about to expire, what step in the process your enrollments are in, and the number of pending exclusions. It’s also designed beautifully, but we’ll let you be the judge.

Internal Privilege Forms
Privileging forms can finally be easy and accessible from anywhere. Manage, update, and find your forms in our cloud-based system. Have multiple people review and approve the privileges through a “hierarchy” that is set up in your account. As soon as you upload a privilege and give it a due date, MedTrainer automatically schedules notifications to remind you of the due date as it approaches. Customize the reminders to be sent to individual providers as well.

License Verifications
Our motto when it comes to credentialing is All Under One Roof because we strive to make things easier for our customers. The medical credentialing process can be lengthy and reducing the time it takes often feels out of your hands. One way we ease the burden is with DEA License Quick Verification which allows you to verify a provider license in the platform, no more DEA website. With this feature, you only need 3 pieces of provider information to perform the verification. You can perform multiple verifications at one time. And don’t worry about downloading and uploading documents, we automatically attach them to the provider profile too.

In The Know

The past couple of years has shown us how quickly things can change. We never want you to feel caught off guard. At MedTrainer, our team of experts in medical staff credentialing is always staying up to date on policy updates and process changes. Track and store vaccination records as well as Covid-19 test results in our secure credentialing software platform.


As if keeping track of provider source credentialing tasks wasn’t enough, you have to keep track of some of those documents for years. MedTrainer can free up physical space in your life by storing and managing everything in the cloud. But what about the long term? Some credentialing documents need to be saved for 5 or more years. With MedTrainer, you never have to worry. All your documents are saved for as long as you need, no storage caps.  

Automatic Reminders

Credentialing is like a revolving door. By the time you’re done with a part of it, renewals are due again. Your list of due dates is probably longer than a CVS receipt and that is saying a lot. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t have to keep track of due dates? MedTrainer automatically schedules reminders 90, 60, and 30 days before an item is due from privileging documents, to enrollments, and verification. Save yourself from having to forward reminders by customizing notifications to go directly to the provider responsible for updating the information. 

*Anything with a due date can create automatic reminders like OSHA/HIPAA courses in our learning and training platform.

Document Tracking

MedTrainer allows for easy collaboration and review without the back and forth email trail. Working on a new document doesn’t have to mean endless meetings. You can create, edit, give feedback, and send updates and approvals all from the same place to ensure compliance solutions across all departments. Auto-reminders for policies and documents leave the tracking up to us, all you have to do is assign a due date and you’re done.

Exclusion Checks
Provider verifications often require a lot of back and forth emailing. And unfortunately, it’s not uniform from provider to provider. Some providers have CAQH logins and easily pass primary source verification checks while others may be more prone to errors in their document submissions. MedTrainer’s ​​automated credentialing software for healthcare helps alleviate some of the stress by allowing providers to fill out and update information directly into the same system you use to perform your exclusion checks. Each provider has one profile where all of their information is stored.

“MedTrainer gives us the ability to complete incident reports digitally. Having access to multiple educational items has made a huge difference in our staff education. Incident reports are no longer floating around on paper and working to keep track when resolution is needed. It is all in one place the entire time.”


“MedTrainer has helped us the most by organizing licenses & certifications and annual education. The ease of use has been our favorite part!”


“MedTrainer makes it easier to keep track of tasks that need to be completed and not being overdue.”

Nurse Manager

Everithing Under One Roof


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