Provider and Healthcare Credentialing Made Easy

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Provider and Healthcare Credentialing Made Easy

Enrollment and credentialing parameters for most major health plans can be difficult to navigate. The challenge of sorting through never-ending renewal dates for enrollments, privileging, license renewals and other verifications is tedious and time-consuming. Now MedTrainer brings you a simplified, user-friendly provider and healthcare credentialing and enrollment tracking system called QuickCred. QuickCred allows for organizations to have all credentialing information organized and sorted within one portal giving instant access to crucial information and reporting.

QuickCred offers two ways to manage your credentialing process:

  1. Self-managed –  Take control of your credentialing process by harnessing the power of the QuickCred system allowing your staff to internally organize and fulfill credentialing and enrollment requirements all in one place.
  2. Fully managed –  As a full-service company QuickCred takes hold of your credentialing and enrollment process creating a streamlined fully managed approach removing all the work from your organization while still providing full transparency and reporting.
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Choosing a fully managed or Self-managed provider and healthcare credentialing is a choice your organization can make based on current needs and roles in the organization. Either route gives you access to:

  • Easy to manage provider profiles which can be kept up to date and mirrored to match existing CAQH profiles.
  • Automatic verification checks to ensure compliance with regulatory, accreditation and licensing bodies.
  • Primary source verification; Use recognized primary source verification equivalency to quickly gather information existing and new providers.
  • Manage important documents such as licenses, diplomas, CVs and more
  • Specify internal privileges for surgical or other medical procedures
  • Auto complete payer forms by drawing information from the provider profile. With thousands of forms in our database it makes new enrollments or re-enrollment a breeze.
  • Enroll providers in continuous disciplinary monitoring and OIG / SAM monitoring to ensure they maintain licensure and compliance.
  • Perform background checks
  • Easily track and manage the enrollment process to be sure you know where your organization stands and when new re-enrollments will be needed.

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If your organization is small or large MedTrainer can help administration maintain an effective compliance plan around the organizations’ specific needs. Many practices take advantage of MedTrainer’s Autopilot feature allowing for an even higher level of compliance monitoring by placing some of the management responsibility upon healthcare compliance specialists who are employed at MedTrainer.

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    SDS integration from McKesson account number
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    Admins search library for SDS sheets to add
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    Upload your own SDS Sheets
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    Contact Support for Missing SDS sheets
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    Students can access SDS company sheets

To learn more about MedTrainer and advanced management programs like Autopilot™ and QuickCred™ be sure to schedule a live 1 on 1 product demonstration today.