Safety Data Sheet Management (SDS Sheet Management)

Every product within your organization that has a hazardous component requires that a safety data sheet (SDS) be made available for employees who are working with those products. Current standard practice for an organization is having binders of these documents available at one central location within the facility.

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SDS Sheet Management

Employee accessibility is enhanced for SDS sheet Management using the MedTrainer platform. For SDS access, all it takes is a computer or mobile device to access the employee’s unique MedTrainer account, with a binder populated custom with the products used at your location. Students can search the binder for a product, then view the sheet within the system, or download and print the SDS sheet directly from their student dashboard.

Reporting is simple using SDS Sheet Management. Admins can quickly run reports in excel or pdf format to ensure all your SDS sheets are uploaded into your binder. Admins can also export all the safety data sheets from their binder, so you can easily print them and keep a hard copy of the SDS sheets at your facilities for better management.

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With MedTrainer’s library of over 1 million SDS sheets, admins can quickly search for products to add to their binder with the click of a button. If you cannot locate an SDS sheet within the system, admins can upload sheets directly into their binder, or request from our support team to add them. MedTrainer’s partnership with McKesson allows for customers who order from McKesson to automatically sync the SDS sheets for the products they are using into their binder.

  • SDS Library of over 1 million sheets
  • McKesson Integration with account number
  • Reporting in Excel or PDF format
  • Export all SDS sheets into a ZIP file
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With MedTrainer, safety data sheets are available for employees from anywhere, at any time.

  • SDS integration from McKesson account number
  • Admins search library for SDS sheets to add
  • Upload your own SDS Sheets
  • Contact Support for Missing SDS sheets
  • Students can access SDS company sheets

Digitalizing your SDS binder will not only improve employee accessibility and guarantee access to safety data sheets during critical moments, it will also simplify safety data sheet management for your administrators. With automatic integration of McKesson products, and the ability to add products to your binder with the click of a button, you can ensure your SDS binder is always updated, accurate, and accessible to your staff.