Brent Althoff

Articles By Brent Althoff

Brent brings more than a decade of credentialing experience to his role at MedTrainer. In that time, he has handled end-to-end credentialing for thousands of providers at Minnesota’s largest safety net hospital, transitioned credentialing online for 500+ providers at a national teleradiology practice, and led a team of credentialers at the nation’s largest health insurance company. As MedTrainer’s Director of Credentialing Operations, Brent leads a growing team of credentialing specialists who handle every aspect of credentialing and enrollment for hundreds of healthcare organizations. Using his experience on both the provider and payer sides, Brent helps to improve processes and solve complex challenges for healthcare organizations and their providers. When Brent isn’t putting out credentialing fires for MedTrainer customers, he’s fighting real fires as a volunteer firefighter in Farmington, MN.

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