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We offer multiple products and bundles to give you the perfect mix of tools to streamline your compliance needs.


  • 700+ Course Library
  • Customer Coursework Upload
  • Continuing Education (CEUs)
  • Virtual BLS, ACLS, & PALS
  • OSHA, HIPAA, HHS Compliance
  • Course Authoring and Bundles


  • Primary Source Verification (PSV)
  • Enrollments
  • Privileging
  • Exclusion Monitoring
  • Provide Data & Doc Mgt
  • Verifications

  • Fully Managed Credentialing Service


  • Policy & Doc Mgt
    • Policy Rules & Permissions
    • Version Control
    • In App Authoring
  • Contract Mgt
  • Incident Reporting
    • Incident Report Routing
    • Incident Report Analysis
  • SDS Sheet Mgt
  • Safety Plans

We offer industry bundles to give you the perfect mix of tools to get the most done.

Learning Management System

An easy online solution to modernize healthcare learning.

User-Built Curriculums

Build curriculums for onboarding or continuing education you can easily assign to your team.

Bulk Assignments

Assign documents, courses, or curriculums to certain groups, roles, individuals, locations, or the whole organization.

Access to Over 700 Course Topics

Our award-winning course library is built for the best healthcare organizations.

Tracking & Reporting

We make it easy to track, report, and remind your team about their coursework.

Custom Assignments

Specific people and roles may have different learning needs. Be as dynamic as you need with an easy-to-use solution.

Onboarding Paths for Learning

Set and forget! Make onboarding training fully automated by defining courses new hires need to take, specific to roles.

Additional Features Available

  • Custom Course Development
  • Live Training Calendar
  • Course Authoring Tool

Award-Winning Credentialing

One simple, easy-to-manage platform for all aspects of credentialing.

Internal Privilege Forms

Add privileging forms and processes to our system to keep everything in one place, easily accessible from the cloud.

License Verification

Have quick access links for state licensing websites, and get reminders for expiring licenses.

Document Tracking

Manage and update documents, and send out reminders all within the platform.

Enrollment Tracking

Enrollments are customizable and you can view enrollment history at-a-glance

Additional Features Available

  • OIG / SAM Checks
  • Fully Managed Credentialing
  • Primary Source Verifications
  • Background Checks
  • Enrollments

Incident Reporting

Use templates to build custom incident reports to gather all needed information and alert the appropriate people.

Contract Management

Set rule-based permissions, reminders, and reporting on all contracts.

Equipment Management

Manage equipment from a simple platform to optimize lifecycles and streamline operations.

Safety Plans

Create plans and distribute amongst your staff with pre-formatted, OSHA-compliant templates.

SDS Management

Search from our database of over 1 million SDS to stay federally compliant with updated information.

Policy and Document Management

Make paper acknowledgements a thing of the past. Keep current and past versions of documents for full compliance.

Compliance Onboarding Paths

Create automated series of compliance tasks for new hires so you can easily track completion and save time.

Additional Features Available

  • Accreditation
  • HIPAA/OSHA Risk Assessment
  • ...and more!

“MedTrainer gives us the ability to complete incident reports digitally. Having access to multiple educational items has made a huge difference in our staff education. Incident reports are no longer floating around on paper and working to keep track when resolution is needed. It is all in one place the entire time.”


“MedTrainer has helped us the most by organizing licenses & certifications and annual education. The ease of use has been our favorite part!”


“MedTrainer makes it easier to keep track of tasks that need to be completed and not being overdue.”

Nurse Manager


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