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  • Course Authoring Tool
  • Course Conversion Service
  • Course Loader Service
  • Automated Reminders
  • Real-Time Reporting
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Course Authoring Tool

Overcome time and resource constraints with MedTrainer’s user-friendly Course Authoring Tool. Quickly develop tailored training materials, post-course quizzes, and multimedia content that meets your organization’s training needs.

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Course Conversion Service

Ensure content relevance and consistency by leveraging MedTrainer’s Course Conversion Service to integrate your existing training materials without sacrificing quality or compliance.

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Course Loader Service

Seamlessly scale your training programs with our Course Loader Service. It supports unlimited uploads and compatibility with various course creator softwares and file formats including SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI, and AICC.

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Automated Reminders

Course reminder emails — even for courses you upload or create — are automatically sent starting 30 days before the course deadline and weekly when the assignment becomes past due.

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Real-Time Reporting

Eliminate manual data entry and save time with configurable reports tailored to your exact needs. Save, print, or schedule reports to be automatically emailed so you are always up-to-date.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


On average, MedTrainer customers said, without MedTrainer, they would need to hire one full-time staff person.

6 weeks

The average MedTrainer customer saves 260 hours onboarding new employees. That’s over 6 work weeks saved a year!


99.8% of MedTrainer customers have passed all surveys or inspections over the past year.


Only pay for what you need and not a dollar more.

Eliminate the training burden with MedTrainer automations and reporting, while using your own content.
Confidently measure the effectiveness of custom training programs with analytics to ensure a solid return on investment.
Adhere to industry standards, maintain compliance, and achieve accreditation with seamless delivery of organization-specific content.
Effortlessly assess staff skill levels and identify areas for improvement with post-course quizzes.

“My favorite feature is the customized courses. Different divisions within the business have been using it to get messages across clearly to all of the different locations. Training certain aspects of the EMR — we just recorded it and plopped it into MedTrainer so when new staff comes in, here you go. It doesn't have to be done over and over again.”

Lakesha Rivera
Director of Clinical Operations, Women's Health Connecticut
95 to 97 percent

of admin time saved

"MedTrainer is a user-friendly system to bring education and compliance up-to-date. It has out-of-the-box solutions and the capability to customize education and training, and it is also easy to run reports to demonstrate compliance."

Marcie Carter, RN, MBA, CPHQ, CRM
Corporate Compliance Officer, Aza Health

"MedTrainer was a good fit for many reasons: more affordable for a small private practice setting; links with McKesson and their SDS library; ease of set up and then use; availability of a wide range of course content and the ability to add custom courses quickly and efficiently (we’ve added quite a few ourselves)."

Practice Manager, Urological Associates of Savannah


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