What MedTrainer Can Help You Do

  • Pre-Built, Customizable Safety Plans
  • Easy Access for Employees
  • Hazardous Communication Program Wizard
  • Infection Prevention Gap Analysis
  • Laboratory Personnel Report (CLIA)
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Pre-Built, Customizable Safety Plans

Meeting OSHA safety plan requirements has never been quicker with templates for a fire prevention plan, exposure control plan, and more.

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Easy Access for Employees

With all safety plans in one platform, accessible anywhere, your entire staff can access them in minutes. Be sure your team is prepared for workplace hazards and disasters.

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Hazardous Communication Program Wizard

Completing this OSHA requirement is simple — training completed through MedTrainer is automatically added, along with acknowledgement of the annual hazardous communication program review.

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Infection Prevention Gap Analysis

Reduce risk and perfect infection control (IC) with a built-in CDC Infection Prevention Gap Analysis Tool. Use your results to remain survey-ready and meet accreditation standards.

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Laboratory Personnel Report (CLIA)

Streamline compliance with a built-in Laboratory Personnel Report (CLIA). Your lab director can easily sign the documentation and make updates to the position summaries as they evolve.

What Our Customers Are Saying


On average, MedTrainer customers said, without MedTrainer, they would need to hire one full-time staff person.


9 out of 10 customers feel more prepared for a survey or inspection with MedTrainer.


99.8% of MedTrainer customers have passed all surveys or inspections over the past year.


Only pay for what you need and not a dollar more.

Save time on required safety plans with pre-built, customizable templates.
Ensure employee access and stay organized with all safety plan documents in one, user-friendly digital location.
Be prepared to satisfy OSHA safety plan requirements in the event of an inspection.
Keep record of your safety plan versions, track staff acknowledgements, and run real-time reports to ensure compliance.

"I am extremely impressed with MedTrainer. Their compliance software has 7 modules such as Incident Reports, SDS Management, Contract Management, Policies and Procedures, Safety Plans, OSHA and HIPAA Training, and Surgical/Equipment Logs that documents daily requirements for accreditation. Everything you need is electronic and has compliance reminders if a day is missed. Wonderful tool and has met all our needs."

Mark Wright
Chief Operating Officer, Comprehensive Integrated Care

"I can get online to show auditors my administrative dashboard with the most up-to-the-minute information and everything they could want to know.”

Kelly Durall
Chief Operating Officer & Quality Improvement Director, Community Health Centers (CHC) of Western Kentucky, Inc.

"In order for ASCs to remain competitive and viable in the future, we must adopt and retain technology. I've been in this space for a long time, and I really think there's a missed opportunity for many of my peers in the industry who are wasting time and money by sticking to a paper manual process."

Raghu Reddy
Chief Administrative Officer, SurgCenter Western MD

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