Why Rural Healthcare Needs MedTrainer

OCR reported that between 2017 and 2021 there was a 39% increase in HIPAA complaints and a 58% increase in large breaches reported.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

increase in HIPAA complaints

Healthcare professionals now spend an average of 10+ hours per week on paperwork and administrative tasks.

American Medical Association (AMA)


An AMA study found that employers can help their employees feel valued and reduce burnout by providing rapid training to support deployment to unfamiliar units.

American Medical Association (AMA)


A recent poll by HealthTech revealed that 28% of IT leaders in senior healthcare report that network infrustructure at their organization would benefit most from tech implementations and upgrades.


of IT Leaders

MedTrainer by the Numbers


CHCs save an average of 5 hours onboarding each new employee.


100% of MedTrainer CHC customers passed inspections in 2022.

*Based on a 2022 MedTrainer customer survey.


94% of CHCs are more compliant using MedTrainer.

What MedTrainer Can Help You Do

Minimize the strain of high staff turnover with an automated onboarding process for training and policy acknowledgement.
Standardize compliance training to ensure all specialties and locations are receiving the same, high-quality instruction.
Reduce delays and increase safety with online incident reporting for HRSA, patient and family grievances, and other reportable instances.
Be confident providers are accurately and quickly credentialed with proven workflows, automated exclusion checks, and more.
Save administrative time with online training, automated reminders, and automatic course completion tracking.

"Compliance is much easier now. MedTrainer has all the features we wanted, like policy and contract management, learning management, compliance, ability to do our own courses, SDS, exclusion report monthly, and even BLS online."

Marcie Carter, RN, MBA, CPHQ, CRM
Corporate Compliance Officer, Aza Health

By implementing MedTrainer’s e-learning solution, Sault Tribe Health Division successfully boosted training compliance across its staff of 250 employees — from 60 – 70% to an impressive 99.98%.

Sault Tribe
Health Division

of staff trained on compliance

Only pay for what you need and not a dollar more.

There are many ways we make MedTrainer affordable for your organization.

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