What MedTrainer Can Help You Do

  • Automated OIG/SAM Checks
  • Automated Recorded Log
  • Instant Notifications
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Automated OIG/SAM Checks

MedTrainer checks over 40 federal and state exclusionary databases (and growing) at once and stores records in one intuitive platform.

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Automated Recorded Log

Ensure compliance, protect your bottom line, and always be prepared to demonstrate compliance during a survey or inspection. MedTrainer automatically stores logs of exclusion checks, helping you avoid:

  • Costly violations, which can result in penalties of up to $100,000
  • Lost revenue from services rendered by excluded providers 
  • Reputation damage to your healthcare organization
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Instant Notifications

Set it and forget it. Enjoy the security that comes from automated, reliable, and consistent exclusion checks without having to manually manage reminders for each provider or entity individually. MedTrainer’s exclusion checks follow a National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) compliant schedule and instantly notify you of any flagged parties.

What Our Customers Are Saying


On average, MedTrainer Credentialing customers say exclusions are faster.


On average, MedTrainer customers said, without MedTrainer, they would need to hire one full-time staff person.

3 weeks

On average, MedTrainer saves its customers 3 weeks a year on credentialing tasks.


Only pay for what you need and not a dollar more.

Quickly identify excluded individuals and mitigate federal reimbursement ineligibility risks.
Stay on top of exclusions with automated OIG/SAM checks, status change notifications, and access to dozens of other federal and state exclusion sources.
Ensure patient safety and avoid fines with a simple process for monthly healthcare exclusion checks for employees, providers, and vendors.
Eliminate the need to check 5-10 different websites for exclusions monitoring.

"MedTrainer saves us time and money on employee verifications and exclusion checks."

Tish Woodall
Tri-State Community Health Center, Inc.

"MedTrainer has taken on the complex task of managing our Credentialing needs, freeing up time on our end to focus on other parts of our business."

Dana Eberhard
Credentialing/Billing Specialist, FASA Family Wellness, PLLC

"MedTrainer has helped streamline our credentialing data for over 2,000 providers."

Shellee Thomas
Credentialing Supervisor, BlueSprig

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