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Team Driven

Fostering an inclusive and team-driven culture that embraces every individual for who they are, while valuing diverse experiences and thoughts to powerfully propel our mission forward.


Taking ownership of our actions, decisions, and outcomes, ensuring transparency, responsibility, and a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence in all that we do to ourselves, our colleagues, and MedTrainer.


Hiring bright minds and championing smart practices, from attracting and nurturing intelligent individuals to fostering clever ideas, we believe in working smart to guide us toward optimal outcomes.


Cultivating growth, we propel MedTrainer ahead by empowering employees to advance careers, acquire skills, and drive individual development and business expansion for shared success.

“We’re a bit different at MedTrainer in that our top priority is our employees. We go to great lengths to make sure all our employees are supported and empowered to bring their best every day. There’s a lot of collaboration, a lot of growth, and a lot of fun.”

Steve Gallion
CEO, MedTrainer

“In MedTrainer, I see leaders more than bosses. The atmosphere we have created over the years is collaborative rather than competitive, making every day of work an incredible adventure.”

Iris Arroyo
Business Analyst, Product Team, MedTrainer

"I love recruiting because I have the chance every day to make a positive difference in people's lives. Recruiting for MedTrainer is like icing on the cake because I know I'm bringing people into a warm and caring company that I personally love working for."

Tonya Vann
Senior Recruiter

"The hiring process at MedTrainer was everything I needed it to be as a prospective new hire for an organization. Every single step of the interview was designed for me to get answers to my questions about product, culture, growth, and the technical elements of the job."

Scott Kim
Regional Sales Manager

“MedTrainer is a company that is constantly evolving and this allows us to learn new skills and put them into practice by thinking out of the box.”

Dan Herrera
IT Support Lead, MedTrainer

"MedTrainer’s new hire process is novel, and they take the time to make the onboarding simple with clear and concise communication regarding the organization, role, expectations, and contractual information."

Emily Wulf, RN, MSN, BSN
Contracted Lead Nurse Planner

"I’ve always had a feeling of being a part of something bigger here at MedTrainer. Team members are empowered to chart their own career path with hard work and focus to their craft. Support and training is always available to help along the way in this fast-paced, high-performance environment."

Allen Emerson
Regional Sales Manager

"At MedTrainer, our ideas are heard, our feedback has an impact, and our leaders are always there to help — any employee’s dream!"

Carla D'Acosta Marchetti
Solutions Consultant

"Having transitioned onto the marketing team after starting with the company as a business development representative, MedTrainer has been pivotal to the evolution of my career — believing in me every step of the way. It's really hard to put into words just how much opportunity there is with MedTrainer."

Amber Ratcliffe
Content Specialist, Marketing

"MedTrainer is a fabulous company. In fact, MedTrainer is the best company I've worked for. They always make you feel like you're part of a huge family and strive to show you how much you matter."

Emilio Lopez
Customer Success Lead

"When I started working at MedTrainer, I was immediately struck by the energy of the sales team. I appreciate that the company celebrates all successes, no matter how small, and that the leaders are always willing to help."

Alex Levene
Senior Business Development Representative

"From day one, MedTrainer has always had a welcoming atmosphere — the training was superior and set me up for success. I was blown away by the praise given to employees who reach goals they've set for themselves and the innovation behind every department — amazing. When you hear the word "collaboration," think MedTrainer, because here, everyone is on the same team."

Joyce Siow-Yazzie
Solutions Consultant

"Here, our voices, whether we share concerns, solutions, or new ideas, are heard and taken into account. In a working environment that is open and encourages the sharing of ideas to improve processes, each of us is crucial to the growth and development of the company."

Diego Gottia
Credentialing Services Lead

"Our management values their people and I am grateful to have an amazing work-life balance. Ultimately, the best part about MedTrainer is the culture. I am surrounded by a positive, motivated, and hard working team who values each other's well-being."

Mallory King
Inbound Business Development Representative

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