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MedTrainer Releases Pandemic Response Training Course to Prepare Facilities for the Coronavirus Outbreak

MedTrainer Releases Pandemic Response Training Course to Prepare Facilities for the Coronavirus Outbreak

The online training course—available to MedTrainer customers and other healthcare professionals through free opt-in access—covers best practices and preventive measures for the developing outbreak


REDLANDS, Calif. – Jan. 30, 2020 – MedTrainer, the award-winning software provider for training, compliance and credentialing, announces the release of its new pandemic response training course for the widely publicized coronavirus. Available online to all healthcare professionals at no cost, the training gives everyone the opportunity to learn about the virus and how to best prepare their facilities for this rapidly developing global health risk.In a very short time, the coronavirus has spread from Wuhan, China to several other countries, including Japan, South Korea, France, Germany and the United States. Today, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global health emergency with over 8,000 confirmed cases across nearly two dozen countries. While only a handful of cases have been confirmed in the United States—including near MedTrainer’s Southern California headquarters—the risks for exposure remain high, particularly for healthcare professionals.MedTrainer’s pandemic response training course covers best practices and preventive measures for risk mitigation—for employees at all levels of healthcare. This includes:

  • Background on the coronavirus
  • Necessary employee and provider precautions
  • How to identify symptoms associated with the coronavirus
  • What questions to ask patients regarding travel and potential exposure
  • Post-travel interactions with other individuals
  • History of other exposures
  • Treatment, CDC recommendations and other necessary measures

Kim Mulquin, director of education at MedTrainer, stated, “Within the healthcare workplace, exposures can happen at every level—from the reception area to the exam room. One of the first lines of defense against pandemics is educating those involved with treatment, as they are at higher risk for exposure. However, it is extremely important that all healthcare workers understand how to prevent exposure for themselves—both while providing patient care and outside the four walls of the healthcare facility.”“Companies like ours have a social responsibility to utilize our resources for the greater good, delivering proactive support to our customer base and the healthcare industry at large. I am proud of the MedTrainer team for their diligence and hyper-focus in preparing this training course for public release so quickly. After all, time is of the essence during an outbreak. The faster we can disseminate information, the better prepared facilities can be to protect their patients and employees,” commented MedTrainer CEO Steve Gallion.

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