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Your source for the latest healthcare compliance insights, industry trends, and expert opinions. You’ll find ebooks, guides, templates, and more to help you understand the complex regulatory environment, streamline credentialing, and discover ways to get more out of MedTrainer.

What Is Your Time Worth?

Inside this guide, get the calculations you need to determine how much time you’re spending on outdated manual training and translate that into dollars.

Secrets to Speeding Up the Credentialing Process

If you’ve hesitated to bring your credentialing online, it’s time for another look. Inside this guide, find out how modern credentialing removes painful paper process to get providers in front of patients faster.

Compliance Reports You Can't Live Without

It’s nearly impossible to ensure compliance when you don’t have the information you need. This guide lays out the exact fields you’ll need in the nine most common compliance and credentialing reports.

Toolkit: Updating Your Disaster Preparedness Plan

Emergency plans have been tested in recent years and copliance leniencies were given so healthcare providers could keep people safe. Now it’s time to incorporate those learnings into your plan.

Guide to Accreditation & Licensing

Find out how to calculate the value of accreditation, tips to avoid the most common deficiencies, and examples of presenting evidence.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Compliance Training

Download this guide for everything you need to know to build or improve your compliance training program.

5 Reasons Customers Love MedTrainer

Healthcare compliance professionals explain their favorite features of MedTrainer’s unified compliance platform.

OSHA Incoming

Get three tips to ensure you are always ready for an OSHA inspection.

Compliance Strategies to Improve the Patient Experience

Learn how to improve the patient experience by improving the processes you use for new hire onboarding, staff training, and reducing down time.

5 Ways to Improve Your Credentialing Process

Get the tips you need to make your credentialing process smoother and get providers in front of patients faster.

6 Reasons to Partner With MedTrainer on Credentialing

Learn the benefits leading healthcare organizations are getting after partnering with MedTrainer.

Demystifying the Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment Process

In this guide, the Medicare and Medicaid credentialing process is broken down step-by-step with tips along the way.

Top Compliance Risks That Should Be Shared With Your Governing Body

Find out the information that your governing board wants to know about compliance so you can deliver effectively every time.

Checklist to Ace Accreditation

Everything you need to do to make the accreditation processes run smoothly.

How Smart Compliance Systems Can Prevent Fines, Improve Your Business, and Save Hours

Understand what a smart compliance system looks like, how it helps to prevent fines, and what you should look for when you’re ready to invest.

Top 10 Healthcare Training Courses

Find out if your healthcare compliance training is still relevant with this list of the top 10 healthcare training courses.

Checklist to Eliminate Infection Prevention Deficiencies

Use this cheatsheet to prevent infections from spreading and keep your accreditation and licensing intact.

A Beginner's Guide to Accreditation for ASCs

Learn the basics of ASC accreditation including the most common governing organizations and their expectations.

Toolkit: Ambulatory Surgery Center Compliance Essentials

Everything you need to know about compliance for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) is in one place with guides, webinars, templates, and videos.

How to Create a Stellar Onboarding Program

Inside this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about how onboarding can help attract and retain top talent.

Maintaining An Effective Infection Control Plan in a Changing World

Download this guide to learn the infection control plan details that are often missed, predictions for the future of infection prevention, and more.

Healthcare Onboarding Checklist

Use this checklist to make your new hire onboarding an experience that is seamless and builds staff retention.

Design an Effective Compliance Training Program

Use this fillable template to create the best healthcare training program for your staff. You’re guided from course selection to gaining feedback.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Using Medtrainer helps us focus on other aspects of our clinic by cutting down on time needed for our credentialing. I would recommend MedTrainer, as they have a great team who is quick to respond to any issues or questions that may come up at any given time.

Dana Eberhard, Credentialing/Billing Specialist, FASA Family Wellness, PLLC

I cannot even tell you how much time this tool has saved. It would still take me about 20 minutes to prepare and assign requirements to each new hire. Now that I’ve created our onboarding paths in MedTrainer, it takes three minutes at most—and in a busy healthcare practice, every minute counts.

Joanne Umbrasas, Director of Operations, Sault Tribe

MedTrainer has a large selection of outpatient specific education for employees, and it's an easy platform to navigate. Both of these factors help with my ability to focus on other tasks instead.

Kristin Gillard, Advanced Ambulatory Surgery Center