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Women’s Health Connecticut experiences dramatic reduction in compliance workload by leveraging MedTrainer


Lakesha Rivera is the Director of Clinical Operations at Women’s Health Connecticut which spans 90 practices and has more than 250 providers. With 22 years in the field; 8 on the business side of healthcare, Rivera has faced her fair share of challenges, most recently an influx of new hires and managing a sprawling organization with new facilities.

Rivera oversees various projects and creates clinical guidelines, policies and procedures, and manages a clinical operations team. The clinical operations team is heavily involved in compliance including trainings, OSHA, and keeping staff up to date. Women’s Health Connecticut has been with MedTrainer since 2018 and currently has 1,712 employees using MedTrainer to be more efficient and augment time for patient care.


A Multifaceted Dilemma

When Rivera became Director, the first item at the top of her to-do list was evaluating compliance at all 40 practices. After several phone calls and countless follow-up emails, she discovered there was no company-wide standard for managing compliance and training. While some facilities had high adherence rates others were working with outdated OSHA manuals or were using trainings on YouTube that hadn’t been adequately vetted.

Another challenge Rivera could see up ahead was scalability as Women’s Health Connecticut continued to grow. Almost a decade later, Women’s Health Connecticut sits at 90 practices spread across 46 cities in 2 states. Even if Rivera could spend all of her time individually checking in with each practice manager, little time was left for managing crucial clinical guidelines which directly impact the quality of patient care. Quality patient care was something Rivera wasn’t prepared to sacrifice and instead began her journey looking for a compliance and learning solution.

“It was so disjointed where you have some that were using OSHA manuals but they were outdated. Others were using their biohazard company. Everyone is all over the place and we need to streamline this.”

The Goldilocks Approach

A self-proclaimed innovator, Rivera wasn’t shy about searching for a technological solution. Having gotten her start in the hospital system working as a certified nurse-midwife she had seen firsthand the benefit of online training. Unfortunately, finding the right fit in a program was harder than she thought. Some programs weren’t robust enough for all the different courses staff needed. Other programs had a price tag that floated just above reasonable for their budget. It wasn’t until one of her practice managers set up a demonstration of MedTrainer that Rivera felt like she had found a program that was just right.

“What impressed us was the fact that not only were their courses available there was SDS management, the folders, and everything is paperless, the incident reporting, it was just like on and on and on and we were like oh, so this is a little more than just here’s some courses.”

Unexpected Solutions

After trying MedTrainer for a couple of weeks, Rivera wasn’t surprised to find that it facilitated the increase in compliance across the entire organization while saving her from compiling reports and keeping up with staff individually. What was delightfully surprising was the ways in which MedTrainer reduced the workload for several departments outside of the medical staff.

When the payroll department launched a new payroll system, they found themselves grappling with the struggle of organizing trainings that worked with everyone’s schedules. A lightbulb moment and MedTrainer’s custom course feature allowed the payroll department to create the training for the new system and assign it to every staff member affected by the change, making sure no one was left out. The added bonus of watching it at their convenience and as often as they wanted was icing on the cake.

“My favorite feature is the customized courses. Different divisions within the business have been using it to get messages across clearly to all of the different locations. Training certain aspects of the EMR, we just recorded it, plopped it into MedTrainer so then new staff comes in, here you go. It doesn’t have to be done over and over again.”

Part of the Team

Rivera has made a big impact at Women’s Health Connecticut by bringing consistency to their training and compliance efforts. This efficiency has facilitated the organization’s growth from 40 to 90 practices over the past 7 years by taking time away from administrative tasks and putting it back where it matters most– patient care.

“95 to 97 percent of my time has been saved. Before it was emails, papers, spreadsheets, checklists, and all that jazz. But now it’s simply just all right there. Literally a game-changer.”

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