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You wouldn’t want to have your personal information fall into the hands of the wrong individual. Neither do the patients who come to a healthcare facility for treatment. Their protected health information (PHI) includes their medical records and other private health information. To ensure the safety of PHI, healthcare organizations have a responsibility to keep it safeguarded by following the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

According to HIPAA, any covered entity that gathers, makes, and transmits PHI electronically, along with any business associates that work with them, needs to closely follow a number of rules to ensure that PHI is managed safely. As you can imagine, these regulations can be incredibly strict so that sensitive data won’t be at risk of theft. Given the serious nature of HIPAA, any entity that violates it will be subject to serious penalties.

HIPAA enforcement activities have been on the rise, and MedTrainer wants to help your organization stay compliant with state and federal regulations. With MedTrainer, organizations can easily manage all users online, quickly see what compliance & safety training needs to be addressed, create HIPAA risk assessment checklists, and much more. 

Development of Privacy Policies

When protecting something valuable, it’s important to store it in a safe place where it can’t be stolen. The same reasoning applies to patient PHI, and if a facility doesn’t stay up-to-date with compliance regulations, then it makes it easier for a data breach to occur. In order to avoid this HIPAA violation, healthcare organizations must develop, adopt and implement privacy and security policies and procedures and document all of them, including steps to take when a breach does occur.

If that sounds hard and time-consuming, then MedTrainer has you covered. Our program helps develop your safety plans, incident reports, and HIPAA risk assessment checklist, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Implementation of Privacy Policies

Healthcare organizations must properly implement privacy and security policies and should sanction employees who violate them. MedTrainer assists management with these processes with the incident report builder. MedTrainer will help healthcare organizations ensure that they remain HIPAA compliant. Schedule a free online demo to learn more.

Adoption of Potential Breach Protocols

No matter how much you invest in a secure data system and carefully adhere to a HIPAA compliance requirements checklist, will you know what to do if a data breach does occur? Without having a detailed breach protocol, your facility won’t be able to respond properly. Further, HIPAA outlines specific regulations that the protocol needs to follow to ensure compliance.

As one would expect, a protocol for investigating potential breaches of protected health information is a must. MedTrainer easily creates a document of the results and stores the incident report within our cloud database. While there, admins can conveniently access it and their HIPAA risk assessment checklist. 

Appointment of Privacy and Security Officers

Keeping tabs on the progress your staff makes in training is important for HIPAA compliance, yet it can be challenging to monitor everyone at the same time. Thankfully, our software provides a solution. MedTrainer allows you to create an admin to easily manage employees, even at multiple locations, so you can ensure that all staff are up to date with their HIPAA training.

Conducting Regular Risk Assessments

Healthcare organizations should regularly conduct risk assessments, and they can easily be done online with MedTrainer. You can review where each student is at with their HIPAA training. When audits come around, the admin can view what areas of safety and compliance training the organization needs to comply with state and federal compliance regulations. You can also set up a HIPAA risk assessment checklist for everyone to use.

HIPAA Training

An employee’s HIPAA education is essential to ensuring the facility’s compliance. However, they may not have enough time to commit to HIPAA training. Not to mention, the time needed to monitor training progress and completion.

Fortunately, there’s a digital software solution. MedTrainer assists with training employees who use or disclose protected health information and documents with our convenient and informative HIPAA courses. Additionally, we offer refresher courses and help train the employees in the implementation of new policies and procedures.

MedTrainer Helps With More Than Just HIPAA Training

If your healthcare organization is looking for ways to make the lives of employees easier, MedTrainer will be there to help. We include a large selection of helpful administrative programs, including credentialing software, healthcare compliance training, and so much more. 

Want to start making your HIPAA risk assessment checklist? Then don’t hesitate to reach out to MedTrainer today for more information!