What MedTrainer Can Help You Do

  • Online OSHA Forms and Logs
  • Online HIPAA Forms
  • Curated Courses
  • Safety Plans
  • Real-Time Reports
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Online OSHA Forms and Logs

Track incidents with ease using fillable forms that are easy to access, easy to fill out, and easy to review for program improvement. No need to panic when a surveyor drops in — you’ll have everything documented and stored in one place.

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Online HIPAA Forms

Maintain compliance and build organizational transparency through pre-built HIPAA forms and policies that all staff can access anytime from any location.

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Curated Courses

Meet regulatory training requirements with verified OSHA and HIPAA courses, along with nearly 1,000 healthcare-specific courses that support staff development and education.

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Safety Plans

Maintain OSHA compliance with MedTrainer’s pre-built, customizable safety plans.

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Real-Time Reports

Highly-customizable reports make it easy to share information with administration, board, and surveyors. Save and schedule reports to automatically send so you maintain visibility into your staff’s progress.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


On average, MedTrainer customers said, without MedTrainer, they would need to hire one full-time staff person.


9 out of 10 customers feel more prepared for a survey or inspection with MedTrainer.


99.8% of MedTrainer customers have passed all surveys or inspections over the past year.


Only pay for what you need and not a dollar more.

Be prepared for inspections and avoid hefty fines with proper documentation and record-keeping.
With dozens of up-to-date OSHA and HIPAA courses, it’s easy to keep best practices top of mind for staff to ensure a culture of compliance and safety.
Be confident employees are ready with electronic acknowledgement and storage of policies such as hazard communication, emergency preparedness, cybersecurity, and more.
Make it easy for staff to report HIPAA incidents online, improve accountability, and always be survey-ready.

"MedTrainer has made OSHA and HIPAA compliance easy. Everything that we need to stay current is right at our fingertips."

Michael Barnhill
Manager, Grand Strand Dermatology

"We have been using Medtrainer for a couple of years now. It has helped our company with our mandatory training needs like HIPAA, OSHA, and BBP. Plus, an admin can run reports to make sure our employees are compliant with their training."

Kim Wright
Practice Administrator, Allergic Disease and Asthma Center

"Having all of my compliance training in one place has saved time for me as a practice manager and for my staff. I feel more confident in our compliance with required training like OSHA, HIPAA, and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. The system saves me approximately 3 – 4 hours per month."

Practice Manager, Urological Associates of Savannah

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