Automated License Verifications Speed Up Credentialing

Melissa Whetzel
Computer screen showing automated license verification on MedTrainer's platform

Transform hours of tasks into seconds with automated license verifications.

MedTrainer automates DEA and select state verifications for professional provider licenses and board certifications. You no longer have to go from website to website, waiting for documents to download, reuploading, printing, and filing. Information is automatically added to MedTrainer Credentialing Software, which reduces the risk of typos or other inconsistencies. 

Speed Up Your Process

DEA and select state* license verifications can be completed automatically when a provider is added to MedTrainer, or you can run the verification process manually (for any state) at any time. Either way, the following data is added to MedTrainer Credentialing with a link to the license verification website:

Data added for DEA verifications Data added for state verifications
DEA Number

Expiration date

Registration Status

Payment indicator


Registered address

Company information

DEA verification

DEA certificate

License type

Specific license

License status

License status detail

License issue date

License expiration date

Verification .pdf

Professional license document

Verification document retrieval date

Disciplinary actions

Verification document public address

*Automated license verification is currently available for the following states: Florida, New York, Colorado, California, and Texas.

While this information is being collected from the issuing agency, you can continue working in other areas of the MedTrainer platform. Another time-saver is the ability to export the verification list of the provider in a .pdf format if needed.

Ensure Accuracy of Automated License Verifications

To ensure accuracy, automated license verifications are not complete until someone within your organization has verified the information. With one click, you can either go directly to the license verification website to check the data or you can view the verification document that was automatically uploaded to MedTrainer. It is easy to make any needed updates right within the platform before saving. This manual verification is automatically tracked with the verifier’s name and the date the person completed the verification.

Make sure you don’t miss any verifications by setting up specific verifications as mandatory based on the provider’s location. This ensures automated verifications run as needed.

By setting a license expiration date within MedTrainer Credentialing, both you and the provider will receive automated expiration reminders to ensure there isn’t a lapse.

Easily Manage Provider Information

Managing provider information is easier in one central, online location. MedTrainer’s provider profile stores all verification and professional license documentation right alongside 500+ provider data points. Handy completion percentages tell you if there is information missing from the profile so it isn’t a surprise when you’re ready to submit enrollment applications. The provider dashboard offers a snapshot of enrollment and verification information so you never miss a deadline.


Complete credentialing 3 weeks faster