"I am extremely impressed with MedTrainer. Their compliance software has 7 modules such as Incident Reports, SDS Management, Contract Management, Policies and Procedures, Safety Plans, OSHA and HIPAA Training, and Surgical/Equipment Logs that document daily requirements for accreditation. Everything you need is electronic and has compliance reminders if a day is missed. Wonderful tool and has met all our needs."

Mark Wright
Chief Operating Officer, Comprehensive Integrated Care

"Previously, I had to dedicate significant time to putting all the training materials together, researching the content, and then actually facilitating staff training. Since we have adopted MedTrainer, our time savings have been substantial and our staff satisfaction has been noticeable — and that is priceless."

Kelly Durall
Chief Operating Officer and Quality Improvement Director, Community Health Centers (CHC) of Western Kentucky, Inc.

"My experience with MedTrainer has been excellent, from customer service to platform support. It has been a great addition to our organization. The installation was very easy with a dedicated customer service rep that helps you through all the modules. Every time I have reached out with a question, I get an immediate response."

Marcie Carter, RN, MBA, CPHQ, CRM
Corporate Compliance Officer, Aza Health

"MedTrainer helped our growing company keep our vital information centralized, accessible, and secure. As a multisite organization, MedTrainer is helping us centralize certifications, licenses, training, and policies so that we have one place to look when we need something. The customer experience team is dedicated and quick to get on a call or meeting to give us the tools we need to get the most out of this platform."

Gena Anderson
Director of Lab Services, Worksite Labs

"[Before implementing MedTrainer], we had three sources for compliance, learning, and credentialing, and we would pay for individual courses or create our own. Now, we have one single location for all documents for 5 clinics, are able to look up policies with the search function, and can assign and monitor trainings and signatures. We got 90% of our staff of 60 completed in less than one month."

Kim Shafer
Director of Education and Clinical Development, Affordacare

"MedTrainer has made OSHA and HIPAA compliance easy. Everything that we need to stay current is right at our fingertips."

Michael Barnhill
Manager, Grand Strand Dermatology


Grow Revenue More Efficiently

  • Improve Revenue Management

Reduce denials by centralizing and automating crucial steps in your credentialing process, saving time, and ensuring accuracy, even amidst staff turnover.

  • Reduce Turn-Around Time

Manual processes won’t keep you ahead of the curve. Minimize delays in enrollment application approvals by leveraging digital automation.

  • Efficient Expansion

Embrace digital solutions to cut costs, increase process visibility, and expand your operational capacity with our regionally-focused team of credentialing specialists.

administrator compliance management view


Redirect Staff Resources To Improve Your Business

  • Demolish Roadblocks

Remove time-consuming administrative compliance burdens so your staff can focus on reducing wait times and enhancing patient care.

  • One-Click Solutions

Adapt to high staff turnover by implementing a one-click onboarding process, saving administrators precious time to prioritize business success.

  • Sharpen Staff Skills>

Empower staff with convenient cloud-based learning to meet license renewal requirements and acquire new skills without extended on-site absence.

administrator learning view


Gain Operational Efficiency and Visibility

  • Reduce Risks

Spot trends and proactively manage compliance risks, reducing safety lapses and bolstering your facility’s reputation.

  • Real-Time Insight

Maintain visibility on all internal compliance and credentialing processes with robust reporting capabilities keeping you ready for both auditors and the board.

  • Future-Proof Your Business

Secure long-term sustainability by centralizing data, streamlining compliance and credentialing, and mitigating security risks through a robust and secure system.

administrator credentialing view
See What Our Customers Are Saying

Improved Efficiency Makes Room for Growth

Community Hospital + MedTrainer

Paper Pile-Ups and Cumbersome Credentialing

The manual, paper-based credentialing process was time consuming, inefficient, and unable to handle the increasing number of providers, which meant they were missing out on potential revenue.

Leveraging a Cloud-Based Platform

With MedTrainer, the community hospital’s credentialing team was able to effortlessly centralize provider credentials in one place, including in-platform DEA verifications and direct document uploads by providers into a secure profile. This resulted in time saved from previously manual tasks.

Improved Efficiency Makes Room for Growth

Since implementing MedTrainer, the hospital’s team has significantly improved its credentialing process — doubling the number of providers they can credential in a day and reducing the waiting period for new providers to start work.

icon-background check
MedTrainer Credentialing

increase in number of providers credentialed

"I was lucky to get maybe one or two providers done before because I was printing all those papers out, but now I'm able to do three or four, even when we have an influx of providers."

Consistency and Time Savings Facilitate Growth

Women's Health Connecticut + MedTrainer

A Multifaceted Dilemma

Lakesha Rivera started as Director of Clinical Operations and realized there was no company-wide standard for managing compliance and training. While some facilities had high adherence rates, others were working with outdated OSHA manuals or were using trainings on YouTube that hadn’t been adequately vetted.

MedTrainer is Just Right

Find the right technology fit was harder than Rivera thought. Some software solutions weren’t robust enough for all the different courses staff needed. Other programs had a price tag that floated just above reasonable for their budget. When Rivera tried MedTrainer, she felt like she found a program that was just right.

Women’s Health Connecticut Improves Scalability

The efficiency created with MedTrainer has facilitated the organization’s growth from 40 to 90 practices over the past seven years by taking time away from administrative tasks and putting it back where it matters most — in patient care.

MedTrainer Learning

time saved on administrative tasks

"What impressed us was the fact that not only were there courses available, there was SDS management, the folders, and everything is paperless, the incident reporting, it was just like on and on and on and we were like oh, so this is a little more than just here's some courses."

Lakesha Rivera Director of Clinical Operations, Women's Health Connecticut

Superior Customer Service Just A Click Away