Creating a Culture of Safety within Health Care Organizations

Safety within healthcare organizations is not only vital to the health of providers and staff but also for the patients visiting. It is important to create and promote a culture of safety within your organization to ensure that your staff knows what to do in the chance of an emergency.Benefits of Investing in your organizations safety

The most obvious reason to invest in your organizations safety is your staff’s health and well-being. By having safe and healthy workers you not only reduce the costs of worker’s compensation claims but you also have less days of missed work. An existing safety program or culture of safety create an environment where safety improvements are not only discussed, but also implemented. A clean safety history is also an important factor in your organizations reputation and patient satisfaction.Are your managers helping to promote a culture of safety?

If not, why? All organizations should have dedicated safety officer’s that is work with other staff to improve the workplace safety and safety culture. The US Department of Labor website states:

“Several studies have found organizational factors to be the most significant predictor of safe work behaviors. Studies have shown compliance with standard precautions was increased when workers felt that their institution had a strong commitment to safety and when institutions targeted interventions at improving organizational support for employee health and safety. Also, safety culture has an important influence on implementation of training skills and knowledge.”

Managers and safety officers can easily improve the culture of safety by conducting safety check walk throughs and mock OSHA checks on a regular basis. Make sure that all employees have easy access to the health care organization’s safety plans and procedures – if staff have questions make sure they are addressed.5 Ways to Improve your Organization’s Safety Culture:

  1. Training – Offer easily accessible and thorough training for staff
  2. All staff should have easy access to your health care safety plans and procedures at all times
  3. Improve incident report process, record keeping and tracking
  4. Make sure that management is leading by example and taking safety seriously
  5. Always be looking for ways to improve – start a safety committee to bring in people and views from different departments

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