Four Best Credentialing Software Alternatives to MedTrainer

Korede Afolabi, MScPT
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MedTrainer provides everything you need for credentialing, healthcare learning management, compliance, and more. It includes a full credentialing service, a comprehensive healthcare learning management system, a library of content, and compliance solutions like policy management and incident reporting. MedTrainer Credentialing organizes and accelerates your process with cloud software. All the data you need to make business decisions is in one place.

In this article, we’ll compare the top alternatives and competitors to MedTrainer’s credentialing platform using data from, a peer-to-peer review site that compares the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data, Capterra reviews, and information from company websites. We’ll explore how MedTrainer Credentialing Software compares with top alternatives and competitors on feature differences and the strengths/weaknesses of each tool.

What Is MedTrainer?

MedTrainer’s all-in-one platform streamlines compliance education, credentialing, and documentation to increase efficiency for every healthcare organization.

MedTrainer Credentialing Services offers established organizations with ten or more providers with credentialing specialists who use MedTrainer Credentialing software to manage enrollments end-to-end with fast turnaround times.

According to MedTrainer, their credentialing software includes:

  • Provider Management: MedTrainer’s Provider Profile puts all information, documents, and communication in one location so it’s easy to check on the status of enrollments, see verifications left to be completed, and more.
  • Automated Exclusion Checks: Automated notifications of exclusion status changes are sent directly to you, eliminating hours of website checks, so you can spend time on more important tasks. MedTrainer’s automated exclusions monitoring saves you time by continuously cross-referencing provider and entity information against a network of multiple states and federal exclusionary databases. These include SAM, OIG, Medicare Opt-Out, NPDB and more, ensuring you can quickly and accurately identify excluded parties.
  • Provider Enrollments: MedTrainer’s proven workflow helps to keep your revenue intact with checklists, dashboards, and integrations. The workflow includes visibility into application status, priority, last update, and more to keep payer enrollments moving forward.
  • Automated Reminders: Automatic reminder emails are sent to providers whenever a license is expiring or the recredentialing process is coming up, putting you in a great position not to miss any deadlines.
  • Highly-Customizable Credentialing Reports: Real-time reports are available in all areas of the MedTrainer platform so you can access your most important data. From enrollment data visualization to verification and payer reports, you can quickly and easily spot missing information and use your data to make informed decisions.
  • Verifications: MedTrainer performs automated license verifications for multiple states and a view at-a-glance data on weekly SAM and OIG-LEIE exclusions and monthly state exclusions covering individuals and entities. Automated reminders are sent to providers to upload any required documents. DEA verifications have been improved to significantly speed up the process time by automatically uploading the necessary documents to the provider profile. License verifications are centralized in the provider profile on the MedTrainer profile, complete with attached documents.

Four Best Alternatives To MedTrainer

Using information publicly available on G2 and Capterra, these are the top credentialing software alternatives to MedTrainer. The details below include quotes, plus the pros and cons of each solution.


Qgenda is designed to help healthcare organizations complete scheduling and credentialing in a faster and easier process. The credentialing solution is primarily focused on credentialing, privileging and payer enrollments using configurable workflows to complete tasks. QGenda ProviderCloud® is the workforce management platform that users try to streamline compliance, however, users have struggled to easily achieve this on the platform. A capterra review wrote “The software is difficult to implement because it’s not user friendly. If you didn’t work on the software 8 hours a day you would never know how to use it.” This same sentiment is spread across different review websites with a G2 reviewer mentioning “I’m quite dissatisfied that they promised that the software could do something it could not.” Qgenda is well-regarded for its scheduling features. One customer on G2 mentioned, “QGenda has provided online schedule access to our physicians and advanced practitioners as well as all outside locations that need to know who is available to take care of patients in the 14 locations we serve.” This highlights its ability to streamline scheduling across multiple locations.


Medallion eliminates the noise and complications of compliance requirements by making it easier, faster, and cheaper for healthcare payers to operate their provider networks. While MedTrainer’s focus is on healthcare organizations and streamlining compliance, Medallion aims to break new ground with payers with streamlined enrollment using their single provider onboarding flow. Despite Medallion reporting being able to streamline payer organization’s provider networks with stress-free credentialing, users on G2 have left reviews stating that the software is an expensive investment. The Medallion software keeps users informed of provider eligibility with instant alerts tracking exclusions. It has however been noted by customers that there are some key features missing that need to be implemented such as the inability to customize reports. By using Medallion, users will receive a simple feature set that includes payer enrollments and National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA-compliant) provider credentialing.


Symplr Provider says it is a robust cloud-based solution that powers verification, credentialing, payer enrollment, privileging, and contracting. With an aim to expand a healthcare organization’s credentialing capacity by improving operational efficiency, Symplr Provider uses software backed by Symplr’s team of NCQA accredited and certified credentialing providers. According to reviews on Capterra, Symplr Provider only offers about half of the listed features and dramatically less than other platforms included in this article. Symplr Provider does not have important credentialing features such as alerts and notifications, forms management, enrollments/onboarding, a knowledge base data verification, and monitoring. The simple and easy-to-use interface is highlighted as a positive from G2 reviewers, but they feel implementation was difficult, support is lacking, and want a built-in reports editor.

Modio Health

Modio Health is a healthcare credentialing software that manages and stores provider credentials and licensure. Modio Health offers healthcare providers centralized credentialing management via its OneView© platform. According to Modio Health, OneView is a credentialing management platform that helps organizations maintain compliance while allowing providers to focus on clinical care. On the Modio Health website, the features they provide are: reporting, storage, continued medical education (CME), workflow tracking, compliance, prefilled forms, and CAQH monitoring. Despite its features, Capterra reviewers note that OneView has limitations. A Capterra review mentioned that, “Reports need to be cleaned up a lot prior to sending. Hospital credentialing and reports could be improved to meet the high standard of the insurance plan credentialing and reports.” With another reviewer stating that, “The platform does not notify when a task has been missed. The required completion date has been missed.” However, accessibility to the platform doesn’t seem to have limitations as admins are able to use Modio Health from any device and any location. Reviewers on G2 and Capterra speak of the ease of use on the platform and that it allows for tracking a multitude of follow-up tasks complete with due dates, notes, and the ability to assign tasks to others.

The Choice Is Yours

Healthcare credentialers face a tough task to credential and enroll providers, and the best solution is one that can efficiently and effectively shorten the time it takes before your providers are seeing patients and bringing in much-needed revenue.

The solutions above all offer different features that cater to the needs of healthcare organizations. In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, a complete and reliable digital solution that can credential providers quickly and accurately is imperative.

MedTrainer Credentialing organizes and accelerates your process with cloud software and a team of specialists who can manage the process for you.

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